New Indigo-3G Timing


I know there was a change in Indigo-3G reformulating into soft gels, so there’s a new dosing protocol. I wanted to clarify and understand the update.

The label now only recommends 3 soft gels before your largest meal. Previously, it was recommended to take Indigo-3G prior to starting workout nutrition on workout days, and largest meal on off days.

Was it discovered to be more effective prior to meals vs workout nutrition? I always thought the idea was the Indigo-3G helped shuttle as many of those peri nutrients into muscles as well as increase work capacity. So I assume, given the previous is accurate, those effects are still experienced despite the change in dose timing for workout days? Or has the label changed like Hot-Rox but the previous dosage recs still apply?

Love the new subscription model btw. The auto ship is great. Thanks for the help!

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@Bronwen_Blunt still likes it before workouts for the reasons you just mentioned.

I’d imagine in a lot of cases, that peri-workout window ends up being our “carbiest” time of day; so that would end up being the same recommendation.

I believe they simply found efficacy at a lower dose. At some level, it needs carbs to shuttle carbs (hence timing your dose prior to a carb-heavy meal), but used consistently it should improve your overall insulin sensitivity so which carb meal doesn’t have to be extraordinarily precise.

I’m not on the R&D team or anything, so that’s just my layman thoughts!


Thanks for the response! That was my thinking with the peri workout window, so I’ll probably continue that practice.

Thanks for confirming others are doing the same. I appreciate the input!