New Indigo-3G Formula

I noticed the re-release of Indigo-3G is now half the dosage at 300mg vs 600mg previously. Are there any details on why and if it’s just as effective? Additionally, if we have the old bottles, would taking only 3 capsules be effective? Thanks.

I’m curious about this also. The dosage on the bottle says 3 capsules per day which provides 300mg C3G.
If you Google you’ll find references from Biotest that suggest 6 capsules, or 600mg per day. So which is it?
I kinda thought 6 a day might be a little overkill. Of course they’d like that so you have to buy twice as much.
Anybody have any results based of different dosages? Is 300mg sufficient?

I’ve essentially followed Biotest since the beginning and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that they are constantly experimenting behind the scenes w/athletes, coaches, people within the company, as well as a plethora of others we probably don’t hear about.
They’ve also always operated with striving to make sure savings are passed down to the customers. With that being said, we’re in year 12 I believe since the inception of Indigo-3G, since that time it’s evolved in dosage/usage as time/experience with anything will do. It used to be 2 doses a day, then it went to one, smaller dose needed, to now what you see today.
So, my guess is this is what their research/experience in the trenches over that time span has taught them. Not to mention, supply chain issues may have forced them to take a harder look at everything(you may notice the store looks quite different)
That being said, the price hasn’t changed and if you feel you need the 600mg dose, just take 6 pills or do 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening, the amount of bottles you’ll need will be the same as the old recommendation.
Long winded post to essentially say, they’ve never been in the business in my experience to short change the customer, so have some faith in their recommendations and be happy at the money you’ll save!!


Agreed on all counts. Micro-PA has an updated description regarding the usage being only once a week, so I was hoping to have an update regarding this (and any other changes elsewhere) as well.

Here’s the official recs:

We reformulated Indigo 3G capsules using softgel technology and evaluated the new formula’s dosing protocol. The latest C3G science shows better absorption rates than previously thought possible. Based on the new findings and formula, we believe a 3-softgel dose (300 mg) is ideal for delivering the best overall effects.


Yessir, what Chris Shugart said above. The research pointed to better absorption rates than what was initially believed.


Yeah, bringing up an old thread that supposedly answered the question.
I was one of the lucky few at the start of the Indigo revolution where the recommendation was to use twice or thrice a day prior to carb meals. As I am using this special purple/blue stuff again, and with the recommendation of 3 caps, once a day, can I surmise that the effective life of Indigo is now 24 hours or so? OR…if one ate MORE than a single high carb meal, does one need to take 3 caps prior to those meals as well?

Curious re-growing minds would love to know. : )