New in this Forum and in Powerlifting

I just turned 18 years old about 1 month ago ,and i just weight 135 pounds : D (Yes ,135 pounds ,its not because im genetically not structured for being massive because im half ectomorph ,half mezo ,the problem is my low diet because i burn almost the same as i eat and i barely grew in mass, instead im happy with 3-4% bodyfat very lean muscles, but this is not what im interesting in, i became very interested in strength instead, but i dont want to stop bodybuilding either, i still want to look good and lean for now, il do sacrifices later at the right time)

I want you to tell little from my past/story.

I started bodybuilding (around 1 year and 2 months ago, before that i was just doing pushups/squats/abs for 2-3 years and some stretching almost daily with bodyweight : P, nothing interesting here)

I came to many conclusions and thoughts after reading about bodybuilding/powerlifting/low reps, eating ,supplements ,enhancing drugs and so on in all this time.

The weird thing is that i eat between 30-60g proteins (sometimes even 100 but ocasionally) per day for my 62kgs bodyweight… and around 150-200g carbos or more ,i know i know ,its not enough for fast recovery and huge strength gains, the problem is that i dont even take supplements (i am low on budget so for now i cant afford but yes i took creatine/arginine and aminoacids 2-3 months ago), for now i wont ask questions about supplements.

FOR NOW i just want to know how many grams of protein/carbohydrates/fats are recommanded for 100% strength gains, fast recovery, in how many meals should be splitted and i also want to know about HOW MANY PROTEINS/CARBOHYDRATES can body digest at once? ,i am very serious in starting a powerlifting career but for now i want to keep my body lean

I have so many questions but for now il stop at here, if someone is willing to enlight me, il be glad :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like really need to make up your mind as to what you really want right now. You say you want to be strong, but you don’t want to sacrifice being lean to do so?

If you’re goal is to look good, chances are you’ll get a lot more help from people that post on the bodybuilding forum. If you’re trying to get STRONG(and by strong I don’t mean public gym strong) then your posting in the right place. In terms of nutrition, stuff your face with whatever protein, carb and fat source you can find and drink lots of milk.

As jim W says, don’t try to serve two masters at once.

You CAN get strong on a budget.

If you can’t afford protein powder than your best friend while gaining strength is going to be the gallon of milk your going to be pouring down your gullet a day. Peanut butter is also effective. And of course, chicken and other meats. Powerlifters are apex carnivores, my friend!

Muscle and strength aren’t built in the weight room, it’s built in your kitchen.

That being said, if you want to powerlift, you are going to have to get used to not being ripped up. You can still powerlift and not look like Jabba the Hutt, previous poster brought up Jim Wendler. He’s a prime example. Gain the mass and strength you need by eating like a tiger shark and then cut as you see fit.

But seriously, what’s more impressive, six pack abs or deadlifting a buick?

Well damn, i want to get strong ,strongest possible (i think i shall eat at least 2x g protein and even more, if im not wrong 1g is not enough isnt it?) ,i dont even take supplements anymore ,il have to train now 1 whole month without supplements but still, I WANT TO GET STRONG : ), yeah probably i will want to hit 100+kgs in 10 years or more, that would be just 38kgs+ more, easy…

Seriously now
By increasing protein synthesis means that you can absorb more proteins (not sure about carbs, 4x per body weight is enough probably),so by eating lets say 3x g proteins and absorbinb all of that, it will mean that you can get stronger? recovering a lil faster? or just do muscles while you grow in strength the same way you did when you was eating like 1g protein or even less (its about me)

Thats what i want to know the most right now, because i always see, EAT A LOT ,A LOT ,EVEN JUNKFOOD ,LOT OF CALORIES, why the hell people want to get fat? what fat have to do with strength except increasing bodyweight to hit a lil more in weights by having the same strength? its powerlifting after all not bodybuilding where u need tons of proteins to make big muscles and so on

THAT is my question right now ,why do we need tons of proteins for powerlifting too? (i know that eating a lot of fats, calories = pressure resistance, joints resistance and so on, thats not important for me right now since im still low on weigths and im still in beginning)

If you eat enought protein and enough calories, the source doesn´t really matter.

I mean, if you eat a pizza that might be 1000 kcals, 60-70 grams of protein and a lots of carbs and fats, that’s not going to make you fat, what makes you fat is eating a lot over your maintenance calories. But at 62kg this is something you shouldn’t worry about.

You’re very serious?

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but don’t make promises so casually.


You are making a lot of weird assumptions in your post and it’s very hard to address them at once. But basically, I don’t think you really understand powerlifting. Let me clear it up:

There are three lifts. The squat, bench and deadlift. They are performed in that order. People are divided by weight classes, gender, and geared or raw lifting. The goal is to lift the most in your category.

There is no “powerlifting” diet. There are people lifting at 148lbs and people lifting at 245lbs. Their physiques and diet are going to differ greatly.

If you want to gain weight you will have to either accept some fat gain or very, very, slow gains.

The best diet for 100% strength gains? Do you mean mass and strength, or gaining strength without mass?

Your bare minimum diet should be the one that allows you to recover between workouts and get ready for the next. If you want to gain mass, add some calories to that (try to add them around your workouts).

One gram of protein per POUND of bodyweight is generally a recommended minimum.

Everyone’s optimal diet will be different. Bodies are different, budgets are different, food options are different. Asking for one optimal diet is like asking for one optimal training plan: there isn’t one.

But there is one rule that can always be applied – train HARDER and eat MORE. There’s your magic solution to weight and strength gain.

[quote]Razetsu wrote:
FOR NOW i just want to know how many grams of protein/carbohydrates/fats are recommanded for 100% strength gains, fast recovery, in how many meals should be splitted and i also want to know about HOW MANY PROTEINS/CARBOHYDRATES can body digest at once? ,i am very serious in starting a powerlifting career but for now i want to keep my body lean

I can’t give you a macro ratio, but you can’t gain strength quickly, recovery quickly, and remain as lean as you currently are. You can still gain strength and recover from sessions, but if you want to get as strong as you can in as short a time as you can, you need to be eating a surplus.

If you want to get stronger while staying lean, eat a protein-heavy diet with a very slight surplus over a long period of time. Be patient and your body will change (albeit slowly) over the year.

As far as meal-splits and nutrient timing goes, my answer would simply be that you’re 18, and you weigh 135 pounds, and you’re getting ahead of yourself by trying already to make such focused decisions. You would be better served by being willing to put on a little body-fat for the sake of getting stronger than you would by making sure you’re eating protein in concert with some absorption rate.

too much reading…not enough training