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New Ideas for Plateau Breaking?

Ive been trying to improve my clean for 3 months now. My aim is 220 pounds. I started at 175 max, but now im stuck on 200.

I train 4 times a week, focusing on singles and doubles of 85-90% of my 1RM of all the basic compounds, plus some sprinting. And have been eating solidly, getting at least 3500 caleries a day.
Im 5ft11 and 175 pounds and 18

Any ideas for training to break this annoying plateau, which ive been stuck at for almost a month.

Back off to 185-190 for a week or two, then try working back up.

Power shrugs, Romanian DLs, DLs, front squats, back extensions, GHR, jump squats,
box jumps,snatch, power snatch. Just find out what’s broke and fix it.


[quote] TNT wrote:
Just find out what’s broke and fix it.[/quote]

I second this.

Since you’re moving big weight, I’m assuming we’re talking about Oly clean, not a power clean. Good for you :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of things I did to get around plateaus in this (I clean & jerked 245 a while back, so I’m not that far in front of you)

  1. Grip strength. I couldn’t pull what I couldn’t hold on to. So I added in farmers walks.

  2. Dip-under. This just had to be trained. I used a bunch of hang-cleans, and specifically warmed up my technique in the drop under before trying the full lift.

Those were where my plateaus were. If the rest of this thread doesn’t get your clean up, PM Koing- I think he’s on the british weightlifting team, and I’ve always seen him be as helpful as he is knowledgable. Video of your lift might help as well.

Good luck.

thnks , when i try heavier i always catch it thn let it drop , so ill give these a go. btw whats the difference btween a olympic clean and a apower clean?

In a powerclean you end standing up.

In an olympic clean (Commonly referred to as a ‘squat-clean’) you end squatting.

Don’t PM Koing.

Where do you fail when you clean?

For example, do you fail trying to get the bar from the floor to your shoulders (the catch)?

Or do you fail trying to get the weight from where you catch it to standing up?

First scenario, which probably isn’t your case, just get better/FASTER at cleaning.

Second scenario, get a bigger squat.

[quote]Otep wrote:
In a powerclean you end standing up.

In an olympic clean (Commonly referred to as a ‘squat-clean’) you end squatting.

Don’t PM Koing.[/quote]

Just to be technical, powerclean you catch the bar in something other than a full squat, not necessarily standing straight up (I don’t think you meant this, I’m just trying to clarify). Could be catching it in a parallel squat, etc.

Olympic clean, catch it in a full front squat position.