New Ian King Program

Hey guys—just wanted to give everyone a heads up here…MensHealth is runnin an 8 month Ian King Program…I just saw it on the newstand…check it out…it looks like a typical King program!!

Great news! Thanks for the lowdown. I never would have seen it. I’ll go check it out at the newstand!

Lol, my dad get Mens Health, it is a rather entertaining magazine. I read them a bit for some entertainment. Although i dont agree with all of their opinions, in addition to The King articles, They have a “most annoying guy” award or something like that in this months issue, and guess who won? Bill Philipps!

Was this article in the Jan or Feb issue of Men’s Health? I looked through the Feb issue and only saw the thing about Bill Phillips.

Just a comment here on this topic–I know T-mag rips on MH occasionally–all in good fun, of course. But MH has really been producing some excellent material that’a compatable with T-mag (in fact, it was MH that first referred me over to and Grow!). Ian King is contributing to MH (including an upcoming live webcast), and MH’s authors are contributing to T-mag, too (Thomas Incledon, for example, is a speaker at the T-mag conference). So we’re seeing more and more convergence in the training principles and philosophies of the two, and I am greatly benefitting from this!

It must be in the Jan. issue, because I just checked the Feb issue and it wasn’t there. If anyone knows how to get this article, please advise…

It’s in the Feb. 2001 edition.

BTW, I talked to Ian about this program and he said it’s sort of a “light” version of the stuff he’s done for T-mag.

He going the opposite direction in his new stuff for us. Today will be the start of an extensive and very advanced set of programs. Ian’s calls this “next level” type stuff. The series will start today and will eventually cover advanced programs for every muscle group. This should be an incredible set of programs. I’m getting sore just thinking about it.

Chris, what is the article called? I didn’t see anything listed by Ian King in the table of contents or training articles.

Well, I’m looking forward to these new training articles by Ian. That totally kicks ass! Of course, I’m probably not ready for this level of training since I’m still rehabbing some injuries.

Man, it sucks when both your shoulders hurt and your knee is sore! Damn, why do I have to break down? Is this what getting older is really like?

Yeah, the Ian King program for Men’s Health is NOT as vigorous as his stuff for T-mag, not because it’s fluffier, but because it has a different intent: it’s a program to get back in shape after falling off, not a program to torture specific bodyparts like the “great guns” or “legs” or “Chest strength” programs here. I do know, though, that MH’s fitness editor is quite impressed with King’s principles of training and has suggested King’s book and his T-mag programs quite faithfully.

Nate- The site hasn’t been updated up. It will be in a few hours.

Nate Dogg, I know a while back you mentioned how you injured yourself and the type of injuries suffered but I don’t remember what they were. I’m also wondering if you’re taking any products such as MSM, Glucosamine, or Chondroitin Sulfate to help speed recovery. Let me know.

Sig, I haven’t taken anything for my injuries other than NSAID’s, ice and rest. I received PT on my right shoulder for biceps tendonitis and on my right knee for tendonitis. Those two injuries are doing better, but I haven’t been doing any heavy lifting to aggravate them at this time.

As for my left shoulder, I suffered a first degree separation (4-5 mm) during a hard fall while mountain biking. This is the injury that is severly limiting me in the gym because I can’t lift much weight. Actually, the doctor told me not to do any weight training. But after two weeks off, I had to go back and work out.

I have days where it hurts more than others (like yesterday and today). It is extremely frusturating because I have atrophied and now it seems like I'm a beginner again because I have to lift such weight lights. I have also noticed a drastic decrease in overall strength.

I don’t like taking time off…especially when it’s not scheduled time off. After reading “Get Buffed” I began taking a half recovery week every four weeks, and a full week off every 12 weeks. And I did this prior to the injuries. But it didn’t seem to help!

Any suggestions?

Nate Dogg. it sounds like you have only seeked conventional treatment for your injuries(medical doctor, PT). Regarding your tendonitis, seek out an experienced deep tissue massage therapist. Massage is A MUST for anyone training hard that wishes to make continuous gains year in and year out. The massage will help break up adhesions and scar tissue which I’m sure has built up a great degree in your case. Some deep tissue massage on your shoulders would be beneficial as well. Another alternative treatment is chiropractic. Check to see if your health insurance covers chiropractic. If it doesn’t, most chiropractors are pretty flexible with payment plans. Try finding a Gonstead Chiropractor, they spend much more additional time in schooling specializing in a more specific technique. NEVER see one that uses one of those clicker pieces of shit. A good chiropractor will be able to adjust your messed up shoulders as well as your spine. King, Poliquin, and Charlie Francis are all big believers in chiropractic care. Go to your health food store and find a combination of MSM(3 grams), Glucosamine Sulfate(1500mg), and Chondroitin Sulfate(1200mg). For the first 2 weeks double your dose. These ingredients are phenomenal for joint and tendon problems. I’ve used all of these treatments on a regular basis for about the last 3 years in a preventitive manner and have been virtually injury free! There is no reason you have to continue to suffer if you take the correct steps. Before I discovered massage, chiropractic, and MSM/Gluc/Chon I was always aching with one injury or another. Now I usually always feel at the top of my game! Trust me Nate Dogg.

Yes Nate, Sig gave you some very good supplement recommendations. I hate to keep recommending supplements since I was previously affiliated with a very popular health food franchise (today was my last day, going to bartend for a while), but glucosamine/chondroitin can work wonders (if you want a comprehensive analysis on these two compounds, check out The Arthritis Cure book, actually written by docs believe it or not). It can take up to six weeks to really start noticing anything but lots of people have done well. I have started on them but haven’t been on them long enough to give any real feedback. There is also an effervescent glucosamine made by a well-known company that has 1500 mg. per packet, supposed to be really good (and no it’s not made by GNC, and my store didn’t sell it). MSM seems to be working as an anti-inflammatory. Deep tissue massage is the stuff! If you’ve never had one, prepare to be in heaven. You’ll never sleep better in your life either. Incidentally the massage therapist I go to recommends the particular glucosamine I mentioned earlier as well as a product called MyoTone (haven’t tried this one yet). She’s into some pretty funky stuff (homeopathics, aromatherapy) but I can vouch that some of this really seems to help.

Yeah, I am also really happy that Ian King is gonna publish his new workout program. It’s been several issues of t-mag since any sort of training article has been given to us readers. I enjoy those the most. I am right in the middle of Ian King’s program he laid out in “Get Buffed!” (similar to the combination of the “Limping…” and “12 Weeks…” programs) Hopefully, in 6 weeks or so I will have all of Ian’s wisdom to take myself to the next level. Very timely :)!

Actually, Roman, we try to include something about training in every weekly issue. Last week it was in the new “Short Topic” feature. Sometimes it’s a Q and A with a coach. This new King stuff should be very in depth and cool, though. Can’t wait myself,

Sig and Teddy, thank you for the advice. I’ll be getting some new supplements to help with my shoulders. Do you have any recomendations on specific brands? Or will any do?

And yes, deep tissue massage is wonderful. I got that with the PT, and I also got it recently from a massage therapist as I was waiting to catch a plane to visit relatives. But I do want to get deep tissue massage regularly. I need it badly after all the adhesion build up that I have. I know it will work wonders. I just have to find someone good around here who is affordable.

As for chiropractic, my insurance will only cover a few visits. After that, I’m on my own! I’ll have to check prices as well. I’d rather have the massage therapy once a week or once every other week.

Thank you again, and any brand recommendations on the supplements would be greatly appreciated.

For glucosamine, stick w. any reputable company such as TwinLab, Schiff or GNC although my massage therapist who is a friend of mine is really high on the Enzymatic Therapy line (GS-500 in caps, now they have a GS-500/MSM combo as well as an effervescent glucosamine that is a once daily dosage). I believe they have MSM in various formulas too although I take mine in powder form (Natural Balance or Pep) as it is significantly more cost effective this way. Myo Tone is a really good one for muscles/tendons/ligaments and is relatively inexpensive, also made by Enzymatic Therapy. GNC doesn’t carry much Enzymatic. I don’t know if you have an Akins’ Food Market where you live but if you do they have the entire line of Enzymatic. You can always get it over the internet too of course.