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New 'Hulk' TV Series In The Works?


I wonder who they'll get to play the Hulk? Or will the budget allow CGI treatment? We'll see.


my guess is cgi


But,.. But,.. Ferrigno was such a great actor!



It will have to be CGI simply because people will expect to see something close to what was portrayed in the movies.


Live action?! FAIL! give me the mid-90's animated series back!


Wow - I didn't mean for you guys to found out about my new gig this way. I wanted to do an exclusive for Tnation. j/k

Loudog loves Hulk!


That series sucked and didn't even last long. The original Hulk live action show was a certified hit back in the late 70's early 80's. It is what made Bill Bixby's career. At one time, The Hulk was just as or more well known than Spiderman. the same goes for Wonder Woman.

If they find people who can play the alter egos well enough for people to care who they are, they can make it work.

If you don't care about the guy playing Bruce Banner, they may as well not even try.



I used to watch that show religiously, and along with Bixby's great human-struggle portrayal, that soundtrack just cinched the whole emotional aspect of Banner's struggle.

THAT will be hard to duplicate, and I fear it will come off corny and sappy.


That's right.

I don't even know why Edward Norton's Banner was supposed to be sympathized with, or Bana's either. I guess bana's had the bad father.

I mean, show me a guy who's been bullied or his wife was raped and he felt so powerless. Then when he Hulks out you really get behind him.


I didn't feel anything for Bana's Banner, in spite of his sorry-ass back story.

Norton, on the other hand, had me feeling at least some sense of empathy... I'm not even sure why.
In this case, I credit Norton's superior acting abilities.


Can't wait ..didn't article state that wonder women might be in the works too. Always love a women with a rope :smiley: