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New HRT Dr. in Texas


Last night I had a very successful business venture with a Dr who is on board with
taking a comprehensive approach find the root cause of a person's health issue
willing to use proper medical intervention if necessary. The Dr and I will be
working together on these specific case by taking the same approach as i have
been currently dr I have working with for 4 years. For people in the south this gives
another place to where they can be able to get the proper help out side tradiional endo or non reponsive dr's I look forward to establish a strong professional working relationshp with this dr along with many other health professionals in the future. We are working out the details and finalizing business arrangements. I plan on flying down their to help streamline the business from start to finish to make it customer freindly and run proficently.

Again this not meant for advertistement but just to let people know there are Dr's out there that are being much more open minded. I plan on eventually creating a "think tank" of medical professionals where Dr's can turn to get consult with other dr's about issues they may have. This is coming together faster then I anticipate. Another place in missouri is also in near future as well. These will not be antigaing clinics, but rather centers are going to be bridges between modern medicine with alternative medicine concepts. This is just the beginning. I have always wanted to give back to people that have been vicitim of the system..now is the chance.


Will you still be working with Dr. O in Philly?


Yes that is my home base.
I will be flying out once or twice a month to texas to handle patients for 1-2 days. I am living my dream, plus I am finally following my passion is wanting to help autistic childern increase their better quality of life. I have another office I am working on setting up another office in missouri as well. I am also establish another relationship in oregon.


What area of Missouri or city?


What is the nearest major city in Missouri?


Im still in the works out the details and planning. I have a Dr intersted who wants to take a total wellness approach vs specialization. Right now its still in the planning phases and i will keep you up to date..


Congrats HAN! Great to hear about your success and that you'll be able to be helping out even more folks. You and Dr. O have really turned my life around over the past year and have been a serious boon to my life. Glad others will be getting the opportunity and you're living the dream. Best of luck!