New Hot Rox Inferno Challenge

I know I am a newbie on this forum, but i would love to see and compete in the Hot-Rox inferno challenge, I have read the articles about the finalists, and i would love to do something like this, plus the challenge is a great source of motivation. Any of you vets on the board have any ideas? mayb it could be just a few people in it, but i think it would be great to make it an official Biotest contest.

Great Idea,

You could simply ask for other like minded/goaled individuals to jion you. Great way to step up and become a thriving memeber of this here forum.

As far as Biotest backing it I really dont think that will happen at this time, with Hot Rox. Due to the fact it is a proven and well documented super supp… Generally I imagine they would save such a backing for a new supplement to prove it’s worth also.

Dont let this stop you though. You could always drop a line to them. I also think it woulb be great if you just did it. You could be the ring leader, set it up, ask for others and get it done.

I’d join you but I am right smack dab in the middle of a massive eating phase, bulking up. Wait till I’m done with it and I am game. I’d give you a hand trying to get one going.

Hope this helps