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New Hostage Taken in Iraq....


America is now doomed.


michael...michael...oh dear.


Pay the ransom or they send him back.


He's got "miCheal Landon Hair"

You can keep him.


I suppose Germany will now join in the war effort.


You beat me to it!! Because it's a well known fact that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

I expect Schroeder to be sending a full compiment of troops any day now to find and free Germany's National Treasure.


Germans are crazy. Didn't The Hoff and Ice-T recently launch Vodaphone in Germany??


Hell yeah - they're crazy. And have absolutely no musical talent except for the Scorpions.

I don't know about the Vodaphone thing. But ANY country that adopts a no talent ass clown like David H. deserves to suffer a thousand deaths.


Don't worry, Kit will come in on autopilot, smash through the wall, then they can turboboost outa there!







Are you kidding me! KRAFTWERK!
Scorpions are crap.


uhhhh....Kraftwerk?! And you're bagging the Scorps?!

When Klaus Meine comes over to take care of your garden or pool and ends up banging your old lady while the rest of the band jams out in your garage...then you'll understand the power of the Scorps! And some other german bands that rip include: Helloween, Morser, Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction.

As for Hasselhoff (sp?), I have no constructive comments. Let's just hope that he has a copy of the "Crazy World" (live in Berlin, 1991!!!) video to keep him company.


Don't forget about Rammstein, personally my 2nd favorite band of all time, great shit to lift to.


If my wife ever lowered her standards that much that she'd even consider listening to the scorps willingly we'd have grounds for divorce...not to mention the fact that that old geezer, Klaus Meine has his own strain of herpies floating around eastern europe.