New Home Gym, New Program

Hey everyone, any and all advice would be tops

this will be a long post but the hope is then its easiest to answer the questions?

I have recently bought bar + bumpers and will build a shed to have a lifting platform in. this is within a 3 week period from the post.

Current Maxes and info
~6 months on the program i’ve been on (one day up to a Max squat, one day max Clean, other is both up to a heavy single/double) (FS and cleaning in all sessions).
Front 132.5
clean 100
snatch 50 (never really done a max as i lift in a commerical gym and this is the reason i bit the bullet and outlaid the money for a home gym)

Now for the questions in regards to my olympic lifting progress.

  1. I am currently OL 3x a week, am i at the level to up the frequency to 4 or more a week?
    2.I am a uni student finishing up for the year in say 2-3 weeks, so time is no issue until late feb / early march, will training twice a day be beneficial as i have the time to do it now or still to inexperienced?
  2. Or should i use the close to 3 months of break to really up my FS?

thanks for any help guys and girls

Check out Will Flemings article ‘Olympic weightlifting Made Simple’ here at T-Nation. It’s a solid routine, and you can add in extra, very light, technique work done later (or earlier) in the day and on ‘rest’ days.