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New Home Glute Ham Raise from Elitefts


Fuck yeah!!

I also found the same one here for less

Still a bit expensive
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Very expensive actually. I contacted Brian from orlandobarbell.com about it, and then I found out the price… yea, screw that, I’ll wait 'til the prices come down. Plus you can find a GHR online for $200, full-size, but it can still fit in your bedroom if you have some space (which mine does). You can also do reverse hypers on them.

Yeah, I drew one up that is similar(spot for counter weights), but don’t have any fabrication skills.
I’m sure as other companies see the design, the price will be more competitive.

WHICH GHR can you score for $200 and do reverse hypers on? i need both

[quote]StoneOfFire wrote:
WHICH GHR can you score for $200 and do reverse hypers on? i need both[/quote]

[quote]MattyG35 wrote:

[quote]StoneOfFire wrote:
WHICH GHR can you score for $200 and do reverse hypers on? i need both[/quote]

funny shit

How do you set that google thing up.

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I do my glute ham raises on the floor, stick my feet under a rail and away i go. Hurts like shit if my knee cap moves though.

Yeah, that’s the exact reason why I won’t ever do them like that, you need to have your knee elevated.

Just got mine delivered today. So pumped!!!

Hamstrings are sore today like they have not been in years since I had access to this excercise

It’s a great device that I use at Brian’s gym. One of the nice things is the ability to do assisted ham raises off the floor which is good for beginner’s or for forcing out those few extra reps. I see guys on his standup ones that don’t go down all the way or they sorta sit back in order to get back up.

Giving yourself a small push off the floor is a great way to get start on doing them with correct form and is how gymnasts usually get started on hammies.

I’ve had mine about a week and honestly I’m pissed that I did not find this thing 10 years ago. Right now its in my living room and my kids cheer me on to get a few reps more. Actually to get 1 decent rep seeing as these GHRaises are the real deal. I did natural ones in the past due to never having access to a unit before. The price is actually why I pulled the trigger on one of these units finally. Just awesome guys. Oh Brian sorry for the constant calls about when it was coming I was just so excited for it to get here. It was literally Christmas morning for me at 44 again when it showed up 1week earlier than the 6 week shipping due date.

Highly recommend