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New Home Equiptment


I'm going to be buying myself some new equipment for home use.
Currently I only have a standard weider bench with standard weights and a chin/dip station.
I've just recently bought a new house with a huge garage so am going to get myself a power rack a decent bech and an olympic set of weights.

Does anyone have any reccomendations as to which powerack I should go for??

Below I have posted a link for the one I am thinking about buying. It's a powerac with a bench attached to it, which seems like the best so far as it will have spotting attachments for the bench:-


Or if that setup is no good I will get a seperate powerac and bench. Links posted below





Any advice/feedback would be much apppreciated.




It may just be me, but I always feel a little iffy on a declinable bench on max effort days. Other than that it looks like a good set up.


At the bottom of the description in the first link you posted it says:
"Weights, dumbbell and bench not included.. "

I just wanted to give you a heads-up so you know the bench isn't included.


Thanks SWR I hadn't noticed that.


That bench sucks. But the Powertec rack is a decent setup.

I'd suggest a good flat bench like Elitefts sells, or at least a high-level incline/decline/flat bench. It'll cost more, but it's worth it.


How about I go with this bench to go with the powerack??



You might wanna try fitnessfactory.com or newyorkbarbells.com

I just ordered a squat rack and a 300lb weight set form fitnessfactory.com

Great stuff.

Also, check out bodysolid stuff I like em alot, and a buddy of mine who has been lifting for about 8 years says they are awesome top of the line stuff.


I only have a bench,barbell,and dumbbells.People drop their jaws when I answer their question telling them I don't go to the gym,I workout at home,lol. I believe free weights and a bench is the basic stuff you need(along with a right nutiriotn plan.Duh!) to build the body of your dreams.I have the old 1980's bench sets,lol.Old school!


Find a good, sturdy bench without the stupid leg extension/curl thing on it.


Check out the "sick of your gym" package at elitefts ( http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=120&pid=576 ).

I'm building a gym in my back yard and that's the direction that I'm going.


I just purchased a model made by exertec, the bench slides away from the rack so you can use it as a squat rack, it's a nice set up but be carefull, when using the leg curl, the bench has a tandency to want to flip forward when you have more than 120 pounds racked up.

The delcine and incline mech are nice and it's fairly comfortable. I purchased the bench with the leg attachment and a preacher attachment, as well as a 300 pound olympic weight set for 161.00 here in houston.

My 2 cents