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New Highland Games Thread


Hey Guys and Gals. some of you read elitefts.com, and if you do, you know that they just added about 10 new folks to the q&a. 2 of them have serious highland games experience (also strongman, but who cares about that?)

Any way, the names are Amy Wattles and Steve Pulcinella. I have not read Amy's logs so I don't know how active she still is in HG, but Steve was a Pro HG Athelete from about 1997 til a couple years ago. he is an old fart like us (my age, 47ish) and he is considering going back in to the pro ranks instead of the masters. Owns a gym somewhere in that place that is somewhere east of the rockies, with the dragons and monsters and shit. Steve has a lot of great HG stuff on his log.

Anywhoo, if you want to check out their stuff, go to http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?a=search&tid=116 and pick the name you want to see on the dropdown. also, put a single space (hit the spacebar once) in the search box, make sure their name shows in the dropdown, and click search, it will show you all their recent posts. Pretty cool!