New High Intensity Training: Casey's Training Frequency

Read This Before, But Never Really Took Notice

I am just re-reading Ell’s book The New High Intensity Training, and the part where Jone’s is talking about training Viator and mentions he had him perform 6 workouts in 28 days. For some reason, in my mind I always thought of Casey as training 3x a week , but the frequency was 1/2 that (6 workouts in a month instead of 6 in two weeks). Interesting.

Surprised no comments on this… seems 3x full body was how most have used these routines but AJ had Viator train a lot less than this. I was going to make the point then, that coincidentally, 6 full body routines a month, is the same per muscle frequency as an ABA BAB setup (also 6 per muscle per month) but more ‘doable’ per workout only training 1/2 the body each time.

AJ was talking about the time between Casey winning the Jr. Mr. American in 1971 and the Mr. America. There was 28 days between the two contests. Casey rested and did not train for the initial 14-day period. And he trained 6 times in the last two weeks.

So, according to Arthur, Casey only trained 6 times in the 28-day period preceding his winning the 1971 Mr. America.


Oh ok, thanks for clarifying that. 2 weeks off then 2 weeks of 3x per week, not once ever 4-5 days for 4 weeks. OK, I guess never mind on my whole post then LOL

Ellington Darden- Here is something I’ve always wondered and I bet others would be curious too…
You mention how after you met AJ you reduced your routines, but we never see exactly what your routines were like back then that led you to your last contest win. I know I’d love to know what you did in those days for training. (do you still have your workout logs from those days?)


One thing that seems to be fairly consistent in many if not most of Dr Darden’s Books is the advice to use approximate 6 week programs at 2 or 3 times per week followed by a complete layoff for at least 7 days. So frequency not as linear? Suggesting that 3 times per week is good but not to be continued indefinitely?

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Yes, I remember in Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks, he said after the initial program, to cut down frequency as you repeated it, I think he said to eventually be 2 days a week.
That idea is actually why I assumed Casey, since so advanced, maybe trained less often.

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and specifically, the idea of breaking training down into 6 weeks, or in the case of the cited book, up to 10 weeks, but having several complete layoffs each year between 7 to 10 days. I for one, have been guilty over time of not doing this… as I get hooked on training and feel guilty for missing…likely to my detriment at times.

Looking back I believe I used an upper-body, lower-body split routine. I applied there or four sets of 8 exercises per workout. Each workout lasted about 50 minutes and I trained 4 to 6 times per week.


OK interesting (I think I worded my quesiton wrong) was curious what your HIT routines were after AJ got you doing HIT), thanks for all info, super interesting.

Or perhaps rephrased as: what kind of routine did Dr. Darden use to prepare for the 1972 contest that he won.

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I remember in the FSU gym on campus, in January of 1972 we purchased three Nautilus plate-loading machines: biceps/triceps, pullover, and hip & back. Prior to the Collegiate Mr. America, which was in late April of 1972, I used those three machines (4 exercises), plus the barbell squat, barbell bench press, dumbbell pullover, dumbbell triceps extension, and barbell curl. Also, I changed to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.


ok cool, thanks!