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Hello men (and ladies)

I am 44 years old and just starting back at weight training after a roughly 8 year lay off. The long layoff was the result of two very serious injuries, a life threatening complication from the second one that required a long term course of very nasty antibiotics. 18 months ago I had a double angioplasty to releive two clogged arteries in my heart. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, cholesterol was good…the cardiologist said it was very likely a result of inflammation due to the aggressive long term antibiotic therapy I was on.

Anyhow…my routine for now consists of 2-3 full body sessions a week built around squats and deadlifts. I’m eating roughly 150-200 grams of protein daily, mostly from egg whites, whey, and wild game that I hunt. My goal is to be a hard 190-200 lbs. by the end of July. At around 210-215, I’m also carrying more fat than I want. I’m not a hard gainer…actually I have gained very fast in the past but at 44 years I’m wondering if I should try a testosterone enhancer of some sort. I don’t want to use any steroids or break any laws, and I am on a budget. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance and thanks for allowing me to join up. I look forward to learning more from you folks.

I would think just quality food and training would work best for you.

If you want to use suppliments there are a lot of test enhancers for older fellas.

Check out Alpha Male.

You could also look into doctor prescribed hormone therapy for older men to get their test levels back to what it was when they were 20.

You could check out fat burners like HOT-ROX too if you’re looking to drop fat.

Do you research with these suppliments I’ve mentioned. Don’t just dive in.

If you’ve got any more specific questions just shoot.

[quote]TatankaMaza wrote:
Hello men (and ladies)

Thanks in advance and thanks for allowing me to join up. I look forward to learning more from you folks.[/quote]

That’s so courteous, I almost forgot where I was for a second. Too bad all the new guys couldn’t be so damn gracious.

That’s all I got. Welcome.

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Welcome aboard!

Some of us can be a little rough around the edges, but most everyone is pretty cool here.

Since you’re 44, can I suggest that you get a blood draw for your testosterone levels? If low, your workouts are a waste. Also, your doc can put you on Testim (NOT Androgel!) or TR shots.

Explore…its a cool site!!

welcome man!!
this is by far the coolest most informative site around, if you have a question or a problem this is the place to find the answer and the solution!!!

Welcome on board, man. Great that you are getting back into it.

I’d suggest just following your plan (except maybe add some fish-oil capsules).

See what happens for the next two months. You will probably make significant progress. At any rate, then you will have a better idea about how to proceed.

welcome tatanka

Yeah, I’d second the fish oil idea, but perhaps as a supplement you could check out the FLAMEOUT around here.

Basically, if you are starting out, you won’t need a lot of supplements, but getting your omega-3’s has plenty of good health effects… which sounds like a good plan for you based on your past.

Oh, yeah, welcome aboard! This is definitely the place to get good information.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I plan on researching any hormone affecting supplement thoroughly before using, and I am going to give my present training schedule and diet some time to work. I will evaluate my progress in a couple months and consider then what adjustments/supplements I might need. I did not mention that I am supplementing with creatine, as well as fish oil and a good multi-vitamin.

Sort of in the same vein, does anyone know if the Tribulus is a specially prepared extract, or can one use the plant directly to achieve the same effects? The shit grows all over the place around here. I could literally collect dozens of pounds of it.