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Hi guys I just wanted to say this forum is bad ass…First of all how many of you smoked cigs and quit? And what did you do to get by without smoking? My goal is to gain mass…Im sick and tired of being a skinny shit…Im 6’0 and 145 at age 34 that just sucks…So any of your advice would be greatly appreciated…

Kudos for joining!

I’ve never smoked, so I won’t be much help with that.

However, check out the “New to T-Nation?” thread below. It has some links down at the bottom to other great threads, as well.


Give those threads and articles a read over and come back with any specific questions.

Search “bulking tips for newbies” and “massive eating”. Hop on those, and find a good workout plan. That should be extremely easy since you’re on this site.

I used to be a smoker and I quit the good old fashion way: cold turkey. When I smoked, I had poor appetite and a very high metabolism, perhaps its no coincidence that I weighted 154 pounds by then, now I weight 195 pounds.

Its more of a mental addiction then physical addiction.

The key is YOUR will to quit, think of the difference not smoking will make and strive towards it.


thanks guys for your help…I will chech the threads…Yeah fajd your right about the mental addiction but I also get real weak and lazy…But I have to make mind up and quit being a pussy about it…Again thank you guys and hopefully I can put up some pics so I can get some criticizm…

sorry fahd for spelling your name wrong on the last post.

I have now been off the cigs for about 3 months. It has been damn hard but going well. The thing that I have found that has had the biggest influence is really understanding your own personal reasons for quitting, whatever they are. For me the big one was looking at my family history of heart diesase and realising how stupid it is for me to be increasing my risk of something hereditary. I also hated smelling like an ash tray
Whether your reasons are health, money, smell, or something completely different you have to really understand what your motivation is and focus on that rather than the withdrawal symptoms. Also, focus as much as possible on the positives rather than the negatives. If for example one of your motivations was money, use the increase in your bank balance to help offset the fact that you want to kill the person on the street who is smoking just so you can have the last drag of their cigarette.
Good luck

You need to set explicit and attainable short-term and long-term goals for yourself.

When I started to quit smoking I had short term goals: gain 10 pounds in 2 months and increse my bench, squat and deadlift total by 100 pounds in to months. Saving money was also another goal.

I also had two long term goals: to play college Rugby and to be competing as a sucessful powerlifter.

Your goals can be as simple as: I will lift weight consistantly or I will save money and use it to take my girlfriend to expensive restaurants etc…

Now, I’m still working on the long term goals but by setting different goals and achieving them, it will help you mentally and by giving you a great deal of satisfaction and it will keep you on track.


thanks guys for your help…Im gonna do my best and go for it.