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New Here!

Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself.
I’m 21 6’2" 197lbs, not sure about my bf%… I used to weigh 255lbs at a 42" pants waist. According to a BMI calculation I was at 31%BF. After some really hard work and time I can now fit in a 34" pants waist. However, my belly just doesn’t want to go away!!

So, after seeing the Hot-Rox contest results I knew I had to join this forum :slight_smile: You guys/gals must know what you’re doing!

I’m currently in Phase 3 of a 4 Phase workout routine, “Cover Model Workout” as some of you may heard of.
I take a multi, CLA, an oil blend, L-Glutamine, and creatine. I just started using creatine a few days ago. Not sure if that was the smartest purchase but basically I bought it figuring that if I put on more muscle therefore I’d burn more fat and lower my BF%.

My main goal is to look lean, I’m not really aiming for body builder size, more like “Cover Model” size if that makes any sense :slight_smile: After my last phase which should be end of August, I’m thinking of starting “Meltdown”.

Any suggestion, opinions on supplements or workout routines would be great.
Hoepfully I can get to know all of you over time!

The best thing you can do is check out the FAQs and then start reading everything you can get your hands on. For starters, check out the previous issues of T-mag and the forum topic on good training/nutrition books. You can take all the advice in the world, but as lame as it sounds, knowledge is power!

~Best of luck!

I notice that you didn’t mention diet. Might want to think about that. All the training and supps in the world won’t help if your diet’s not in order. Check out the food log article, and the T-Dawg diet articles (there are two).

That said, at your height 200 pounds or so should be a pretty good weight for you to look “cover-like”. And a 34" waist is about what you’re going to be at, even if you get lean. If you’re thinking that there’s some way you can magically get a 28-inch waist or something, let me disabuse you ofhte notion. It’s not gonna happen.

I agree with the others, you should read as much stuff as you can find here and pay attention to diet.

Supps really won’t do you much good unless your diet is working well.

Char-dawg, now you say a 34" waist is about all someone can expect with that height/weight. I’m wondering where you measure that 34, are you talking around the fattest part (below button but above hip line) or are you talking a pants size (which really isn’t 34) ?

Oh, I’m watching my diet. I try for a p40/f30/c30 calorie intake. My waist size isn’t 34", I knew that, but measuring just below my belly button I get 37.5"

If your goal is to lose fat, you will need to cut that carb count down more.

Unless you are really doing a lot of cardio and/or gifted in metabolism, having the level of carbs you are eating is more maintenance than reduction.

For example, I’m doing the tdawg 2.0 diet and eating roughly 2600 calories/day. My percentage breakdown is 51%p, 11%c and 38%f. That is around 330 grams protein, 100 grams carb, and 100 grams fat.

Don’t think for a minute that just because you do a Men’s Health “cover model” workout you’re going to look like a cover model. That’s as silly as a bodybuilder wannabe doing a pro’s routine thinking he’ll look like him. Try some T-mag programs instead as others have suggested. Don’t mean for that to sound rude, it’s just a pet peeve of mine.

Another great article to checkout is “The Hiearchy of Needs”.

That’ll help you with your supplement/diet concerns.


Char thats not true about the 34 wasit thing. I am currently a 36 but could fit into a 33 if i lean down a little and im only 13% BF. He Might be able to fit into a 32 if he gets <8.

ANTILIBERAL - Thanks for the info. I thought there was something fishy about a 30% carb intake. I just figured that your body needed a “healthy” amount to funtion properly. Your ratio sounds really good. How do you achieve such a high percentage of protein?

TEK - When I started the Cover Model workout I didn’t expect to look like one. I’m not that easily brainwashed. The book itself says don’t expect to look like one. I just didn’t want to grow huge muscle at the time. I figured that the exercises incorporated in that routine would give me a base body of what I was looking for. Then I could take it from there.

posterboy wrote: “I just didn’t want to grow huge muscle at the time.”

This is my point. Chances are all these Men’s Health cover model wannabes could try for the next ten years to “grow too much muscle” and they couldn’t do it, not without drugs, the right genes, etc. It’s like they think they’re going to wake up and be too big someday. “Oh I better not do that T-mag routine. I’ll get too big. Better stick with my Men’s Fitness toning program.” Ha! I wish it were that easy!

I’m not ranting at you, BTW, just the mentality behind this funny, newbie way of thinking.

Hahaha. Trust me, you aren’t gonna grow big huge muscles by accident!

Wanna lose fat? Train as hard as you possibly can and get your diet inline with your goals. You aren’t gonna wake up and accidentally be a gigantic musclehead, that much I can guarantee.

posterboy, just run a search for t-dawg 2.0. It will come up at top of results.

It’s pretty easy to follow, just gotta pay attention to the clock so you can spread your meals out nicely, and have food ready in time.

Before I started this diet I was eating 40/30/30 like yourself, and not really getting anywhere.