New Here

I’ve been enjoying T-Nations articles for a while and decided to join the forum for ideas and support. I am 52 and been working out in some form or fashion since my 20s. Most recently been Crossfitting and Olympic LIfting, but went through breaking my wrist, a boob job, and a divorce so was slacking a bit while getting head and body together. Back at a “regular” gym now and needing to put on some muscle. hard for me, I am 5’10" and weigh 143 currently. I noticed that some ladies have a training log. Is there a specific place for this? Or just start a thread?

Welcome from a fellow member of the Class of 1962.

As for where to start a training log, I would suggest one of two places: Either in the ‘Over 35’ subforum, or the Training Logs subforum. Loggers in the O35 tend to be more powerlifting oriented, but a log of any sort would be welcomed there. Logs in the Training Log subforum run the gamut–powerlifters, BBers, physique athletes, conditioning logs, etc. Wherever you decide to park, I’m sure you’ll encounter a lot of nice/supportive people.

thanks so much!

Welcome and I’ll look forward to seeing your log go up!

I’m 45 and log in the Training Logs section. There are a few more women there, and more people who physique / aesthetics oriented.

As EyeDentist mentioned, the Over35 forum is a really supportive group as well.

Best of luck with getting back to it!

Welcome! I keep a log in the Training Logs section as well.