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New Here, Workout & Supps for Cutting


I've never been a subscriber to a site before, but I liked what I read here and figured why not. Here's a bit about myself, I'm 25, male, 5'10'', 250 lbs. I know it seems fat, but I would really consider myself solid. Anyways, my buddy and I have seemed to peak after a solid year of lifting. I was just wondering if anyone could give me advise on maybe switching our workout or suppliments that could help with cutting? We've been doing a lot of cardio, but just haven't seen much results. Also, I'm intaking about 4,000 calories over 5-6 meals a day. Is that too much for dropping body fat? I'm open to any constructive criticism. Thanks.


Something doesn't add up - some recent photos would help but I'd say your "solid" is going to be more "fat" that you'd like.
If you're not dropping weight at 4000 cals then 4000 cals is too much for you to drop weight.
Suggest using the search function, this is not a new question.


It would probably help if you gave more information. Such as what kind of program you have been running, what your exact goals are, maybe a picture of your solid 250lbs, and what kinds of food you are eating to get that 4000 Calories/day.


I appreciate the responses. I'll try to post some recent pics. As for my diet, I've been trying to stay away from all the garbage foods, such as fast food and fried food. I try to eat about 5-6 protein servings a day, chicken, ground turkey, eggs and whatnot. I eat 3-4 veggies a day, 1-2 fruits and 2-3 carbs, but I try to stay away from white bread and sugars. My workout consists of back/biceps (Monday/Thursday), chest/triceps (Tuesday Friday) and shoulders/legs (Wednesday/Saturday) with about 20-30 minutes of cardio after every workout. I just feel like I'm not getting as much out of my workouts as I should be. Right now, I'm doing higher reps with lower weights.


try reading through the thread about MODOK in the bodybuilding training forum. I was reading through it today and you might find some useful info in his thread. it goes through a lot of stuff but there are bits and pieces in there about dieting, and MODOK seems to really know his dieting scheme (has competed in a few shows, diets every year for his bday, and is HEYOOOGE).

edit: also started reading Stu's contest threads. lots of info...