New Here, What to Do after Weight Loss?

Hello all, this forum was recommended to me by a few folks I know that are in great shape that I was asking advice of.

Where I am at:
44 year old male with no health issues. Not taking any medications. (I do take a daily adult multi vitamin). Currently weigh between 195-ish with a 36” waist. 5’-11” tall.

Where I was at:
I was fat since middle grade school. In 2016 I was at 320-ish and was about to go from wearing 48” waist jeans to 50” when I finally said “enough”. I went on a strict diet/exercise regimen and went from 320 in February to 180 in September of that year. Since the fall of ‘16 til now I’ve been able to “maintain” my weight bouncing from 185 to my current 195. My lowest weight was 175.
My diet had no carbs and is mostly veggies and grilled chicken and tofu (I have a severe fish allergy and stay away from that). My exercise consists of 50-80 miles on a mountain bike per week; pushing hard on the bike.

Where I want to be:
I probably (definitely) lost weight too quickly and not in the best means. I restricted myself to a very low calorie diet just to get the weight off, but stayed with it too long and lost a lot of muscle mass in the process.
I felt better at the 175 lbs and 34” jeans range than I do now at 195 and plan to hit the bike harder.
I have a lot of excess skin that I do not like and am wondering if weight lifting and the resulting bulking up would help with toning that up.

I am looking for advice on what weight lifting I should do to tone up and get some upper body back. (As I senior in high school I was benching 315lbs, but I weighed 290). I don’t want to be so big I can’t put my arms down, more of whatever size arms it would take to get rid of the gross skin.

Looking for very specific weight lifting regimen details please.

Thanks in advance…

Check this site out, find a program that does what you want and do it for a few months. If you get results you like, keep doing it. If you don’t get results you like, try something else. Repeat until you get results you like.

Same goes for diet.

This site very probably has everything you need, all you have to do is look.

Not what you want to hear but painfully truthful.

for 50% it will work wonders, for other 50% wont do much.
Saying that hitting abs hard and heavy form a variety of angles should help quite a bit.

Dont worry, the hormones for putting on any significant new muscle crashed around 35-40 :sob:

Start with this to get in the swing of things…

When want to crank it up, move on to something with a lot of metabolic work, like this…