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New Here - Trying To Come Back


Hello Friends,

Just signed in. I last competed in 2006 with a RAW total of 430 squat; 345 bench and 430 deadlift at 242 lbs. Haven't done much (competition) since then but trying to make a come back now. Any training or supplement advice. Don't use the sauce as I compete in USAPL. Thanks in advance.


This is turning in to the BigDude Forum. Where oh where will little skinny people like me have to go to be the big fish in the pond?

You probably already do this: Fish Oil with Vitamin D in it.

training? I'd probably be more likely to take advice from you than have any to give.

Welcome to the the Geezer Bar.


YABSD (Yet Another Big, Strong Dude).

Welcome (back)! You never can really put down the iron for good, eh?

The Charismatic White-boy from Argentina is too modest. He gets the "Thinks He's Little But He's Still F'ing Strong" Award of the year.


Welcom RM. Don't let the albino fool you. He's big on the inside. Maurdermeat is the powerlifting guru around here. I've had good results with his advice and the Wendler 5/3/1 program. I prefer lifting/competing raw as well.


Ditto what Eco sez. Welcome to the home. A lot if iron gets pushed around here.. I wish I was pushing it like the big dudes!



welcome to old creaky dudes area, and like skid said how many of you large lifters are hiding out there,

Nice lifts, youll find plenty of good advice from some of the other regulars around here.

Im going to go eat something.



Welcome, Rustoleus! YABD! (yet another big dude)

For me to be the big fish in the pond, I need to find a puddle too small for anyone else!

Watch out for KMC, he's getting all "antagonistic" lately! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks Friends ... I already feel like pulling up a chair to the table and dippin some fried okra and chickn n dumplins.


Welcome. Start a log (I just did) on here, it will help you keep track of your progress. Good to see another thick necked, goateed brother.


Welcome, look forward to following your progress.


Man, it's getting hard to move on this side of the see-saw.

Welcome, Rust!


Welcome Rustoleus! Very respectable numbers.