New Here, Trying to Bust Through

Hey everyone, Robbie here. I’ve been getting into powerlifting for the past 6 months after years of lots of isolation work and not much progress with weights. Over the past 6 months, I’ve gotten stronger than I ever have. BW: 205, 1RM: Bench- 255, Squat- 385, Deadlift 365x2 (have not maxed on DL).

lately i’ve been doing compound exercises with alot of assistant work and its burnt me out, so im looking for a routine that is a little more simple but one that will help me keep getting stronger and stronger.

I’ve been suggested the starting strength routine, but I feel that I am past that stage with the weights I’m doing. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great! thank you!

Sounds like you’re looking for something like 5/3/1

this is what I’m leaning towards. do you think this is the best program for where I am with my weights?

Only one way to find out.

Which of the good programs you choose isn’t as important as a few other things. The biggest one is making sure your form is absolutely as good as you can get it. You aren’t new to weights, but you are new to compound movements, and they take some technique.

I would agree that SS isn’t the best bet. 5/3/1 is good, but no one can tell you it’s the best program for you.

[quote]bosoxschillfan38 wrote:
this is what I’m leaning towards. do you think this is the best program for where I am with my weights?[/quote]
Go far it. 5/3/1 is great program. Don’t change it. Read it twice and then read it twic again. If you have questions about it, read it some more. Jim is not trying to hide information.

I had the same problem as you, but 5/3/1 wasn’t the answer for me. I would push way to hard on the all out sets and would burn out easily.

I’m currently following Westside for Skinny Bastards and so far that has been the answer for me. Plus I like to do my own programming and this allows for that too.


Just my opinion:

I started 5x3x1 about 9 weeks ago. One of my main issues was just not doing the compound movements enough to gain confidence and experience in them to get comfortable with the technique at heavier volumes. Although i would not win any comp’s, the way the program is set up lets you get good work in with the ability to have perfect form.

That is crucial. Your first 2 sets of every compound movement are at a % that you can be technically flawless and still get great work in. The 3rd set lets you really push yourself. The assistance work does not waste your time, and is actually designed to get you stronger. Overall, i am really excited i took the chance and committed to this routine, as i am getting stronger, but more importantly, improving my technique.

My only advice about the 5x3x1: Commit whole-heartily and bust your ass everyday. if you do that, and eat your wheaties, you will see results throughout, especially as you get into it and start setting PR’s.

Good luck!

Juggernaut method, or ws4sb .

Matt Rhodes’ excellent layout of ws4sb: