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New Here, Training To Get Big???


easy dudes, just started on here today to try and get some info from you people on building muscle and getting into a well balance eating plan, now i already sort of eat healthy (chicken pasta, chicken&spuds, tuna&spuds, chicken sandwhichs, steak&spuds, i eat alot of greens with al of these as well if poss, am already doin football training twice aweek and am thinking of goin kickboxin twice a week maybe once a week will have to fit it in my plan with goin to the gym 3 times a week,

ive started doin a full body workout 3 times a week, heres what ive done this week

chest: bench press: 45kg
quads:leg press: 87kg
back: lat pull down:97kg
hams: hams curl: 37kg
shoulders: lat raise: 40kg
each excersise i do 4 sets and 8 rips in each set
with about 30sec rest gap between each set.
i did this mon/wed/fri and iam planning on doin this every week for a few months uping the weight everytime i feel i need to. any feedback welcome on this?.

my current plan is to intake about 200/220 grams of protein and 3000/3600kcal aday but iam strugling i must admit to keep the intake up so am goin to take some supplements any advice on which ones?

another question is, lets say after ive been to the gym done some weight training then is it k to go for a swim and then go in the sauna, it wont affect my muscle growth or anythink?

at the moment i am 20years old, 6ft1" and weight about 13 stone maybe 13,2 before the toilet
heres a few pics of what am like now

pics are abit sh?t?

am looking into muscle growth really e.g shoulders, arms, chest, back muscles, legs ect

all info welcome as long as its practical.



Full body 3 times a week is traditional and often works well. Have you checked the beginner thread at the top? Plenty of articles on the site too. Just stick with it, progressive weights as you mention, don't sweat having to get 4 sets of 8 all the time, but do get stronger.

Supplements - well a good multivit/min is always handy, maybe some fishoil caps and if you can afford some whey protein it can help up the grams/day too.

Light swim after session is ok, do you drink a protein shake after the exercise? It can help. If so then do let it go down for a while before swimming obviously!

Exercises seem ok but if the gym has it then try and get to deadlift, squat and overhead press with a bar instead of machine things, and try chin/pull ups - though they'll be really difficult!

It's always brave to post pics i suppose, and you can compare them a year from now and be pleased. At your age and in good health you'll likely gain 20-30 solid pounds over a year.


Hi astraturbo,

Honestly, your exercise selection could use some tweaks.

Bench is good.

Try squats instead of leg press.

Lat pulldowns are ok if you don't have the strength to do chins/pull-ups, especially as a beginner.

Leg curls are ok, but I'd much rather prefer you devoted your time and energy to deadlifts (as gswork already suggested above). They will work your entire posterior chain (hams, glutes, low back, middle back and upper back) and are a much more "bang for your buck" exercise than any leg curl variation.

Do shoulder presses instead of lateral raises (this could be standing, seated, dumbbell, barbell, to the front of to behind the head, just make sure that you get someone who knows what they're doing to check your form and make sure you're doing it right).

Now, if I was going to write a beginner out a program I'd have them doing the following exercises:

Back Squat
Bench press
Chins/lat pulldowns
shoulder press

Those 5 exercises are going to put the most mass on your body overall. Now, olympic lifts are awesome as well, but they require a lot more motor learning than I personally believe is worth it, for a beginner that is.

As far as diet, if 3,000-3,600 kcals is causing you to gain weight. Then go with that until it stops, at which time add more kcals.

If 3,000-3.600 kcals isn't causing you to gain weight, you need to eat more.

It's pretty much that simple.

Good luck and good training,



cheers for that, i think am gonna keep doin what am doin for 1 month or 2 then move on to dead lifts and back squats after that just wanna see if i can make some gains doin this?


Put the weight up every oportunity you can, every workout if possible, not just when you feel a need to. Make sure you maintain proper form though.


Westside for Skinny Bastards Part 1 would suit you well until you gain more size and strength.