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New Here, Thoughts on My Stats?


Age: 18
Training: 2 years
weight: 168 lbs
Bench Press: 176 lbs
Deadlift:330 lbs
Squat: 265 lbs
Military: 110 lbs


Stats - You've definitely got them.


Your bench and military are weak in comparison to your dead and squat...

For example I'm a similar weight to you give or take a few lbs and my bench is around 200 and my military is 135...

What do you do set wise for bench and military?


For both Bench and Military I do 3 sets of 8-10 reps


You're 6'2 , 162 lbs and after training for 2 years those are your stats?

Want an honest opinion? Gain weight and train harder.


Thanks honesty is what I want and I agree which is why Im on here taking my training more seriously as I only really have over the past 6 months


You're welcome. Don't get over analytical about what % your bench press is to your military and other nonsense like that. You just need to keep getting stronger all over and putting muscle on. You'll be very surprised by the strength gains you make when you're eating enough. I put 100lbs on my bench press in my 1st year lifting. Shoot for 75-100 lb improvement on all squat , bench and deadlift numbers by December 2011 while putting on some quality weight on your frame.


I think your stats are pretty good, at least for lower body stuff. You apparently squat more than 1.5 times bw, and your deadlift is almost 2x bw. As far as upper, at least you lift over your bw for bench. Just keep training and eating. Strength will come with time. Look into 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler. It's a great training system.


Yeah thanks I've seen that a lot of people have people have used this and seen great gains and I have to admit I am a little lower body biased in my training just trying to work that out of myself


That's not enough volume at all to grow or gain strength... What's your frequency on that?

Like once a week?

I'd say increase the sets, doing something simple like ramping up to your max set which you will go at for failure.


Thanks ill take this on board as I'm planning a new routine for after christmas


Thanks I'm hoping to make some serious progress in the next year and hopefully the mass gains will follow as I've said only really the past 6 months I've begun taking things seriously so currently im experiencing strength gains with little gains in mass as muscle is simply adapting


Hey - I think you're doing pretty good for a girl. Keep up the good work!


Wait, you're really 6'2" and 168lbs?

Seems pretty strong to me for one so dang skinny. Eat more and you might very well blow up.


Yeah I'm really 6'2" and 168lbs haha thanks and I need to take my diet more seriously I think


Weight: 172
Deadlift: 386lbs
Squat: 308lbs
Bench: 209lbs
Military: 143lbs


Not to be a dick, but I guess you didn't take the diet or lifting seriously. It's been what, 15 months and you gained 4 pounds. Your lifts all went up, upper body #'s better, but in 15 months......
Did you have an injury?


X2... I take it you are doing your own workout routine?


ummmmmm ... yeah ...


The secret of big weights is visualization.

Positive imagery b*tches!