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New Here. Test Level 116, 24 y.o


I currently ets'd from the army honorably after 31 months in Iraq and a few at home. Long story short... as possible

My testosterone level is 116.. I'm 24, have always been active, 6'1 240.. my bp is high and the docs say my test is low due to my adrenal glands being used as i was in SH%%$ most of the time i was there. I don't believe that would make my test level that of a 139 year old man. but i'm not a doctor.

They put me on 200mg test cyp every 2 weeks. 1ml. If i'm not mistaken. I just don't get it? I had been feeling weak half way through my last tour, i had maxed out at my highest numbers ever..

Any support here? They say i'll be taking this stuff for life. . I asked about taking 100mg a week so i didn't rollercoaster like the rest of my meds they have me on.

I will do some more research, just wanted to say whats up.. i'm here.. i'm working out, i'm scared.. WTF!!! haha. . hopefully someone will chime in.


"Any support here? They say i'll be taking this stuff for life. . I asked about taking 100mg a week so i didn't rollercoaster like the rest of my meds they have me on. "

That caught my attention, is it possible your doc might be getting kickbacks for prescribing these meds? I would be very hesitant to take meds, let alone for LIFE!

How do YOU feel, do you need the medications or are you fine without them?


I used to feel like a monster. I feel weak now. Hard to get out of bed. I still lift every day.. i just called and got all the results i could.

121 testosterone correction from 116...

ref 241-827

2.16 tsh

ref .35 - 5.5

The doctor is a loon from what i hear. She is mostly prone to prescribing herbal meds. so i don't think she would put me on test shots..

As to how i feel..
tired,gaining weight, losing muscle mass, my diet is pretty good. not a slob. but not veggies all the time.

Let me know if you know of anything i need to ask.
I asked them about 100mg a week instead of 200 bi weekly. they said no.


***** FAiled to mention!!!!!!
I'm on a medication call prozosin. It's a prostate med. In my case it is up'd in mg's and used for nightmares. They have found it to be useful in ptsd patients. It's whatever. Thing is, the primary care doctor at the veteran hospital doesn't prescribe it. the psychiatric doc does. The PC Doc knows that i'm on it. I don't know if this would effect one thing or another.


they try to make me take these all the time as prescribed... i take the prozosin as px'd once daily

the others i take as needed.. ambien.. when i can't sleep... klonopin, when i'm anxious and such and can't handle it.


I always kind of wince when someone young, who has a testosterone problem, is prescribed testosterone replacement...there is a place for that but not before other avenues are exhausted. You probably don't have a thyroid problem.

Prazosin isn't a prostate med it is used to treat high blood pressure (and PTSD according to WIKI). This wouldn't cause your issue nor would your other drugs.

What were your SYMPTOMS of low testosterone? Do you have a lot of stubborn fat? Gynecomastia/puffy (sensitive) nipples? Can you not put on lean mass or muscle easily? Mood swings (aside from PTSD if you can distinguish them)? Low libido? Body hair?

I would tell the doctor you want to be tested for:

FREE T3, FREE T4 (may not be necessary)

If your LH and FSH are very high then you have testicular failure (are your testes small/shriveled?).

You taking testosterone will mess with these labs but it is what we have to go on.


That's a lot of different meds, I can't really give you an opinion since I don't know how they would effect your mentality or t-levels. If it's at all possible considering trying to deal with your anxiety and ptsd with as little meds as possible -- maybe a more experienced user can chime in.


Test shot once every 2 weeks is horrible at best. You would probably be better off not having the injection at all.

You would really benefit from having test shots at a lower dose and at least twice weekly, maybe even more frequent. But an injection every 3rd day of 50mg will give you much better results.

That would be the 1st thing I would change if you need to be on TRT. But it sounds like you have not even had a thorough evaluation if you need to be on test injections. Ask for those tests posted by the previous poster, honestly you want to exhaust all avenues before committing to life long TRT.

TSH above 2 might also be of concern I know it is in range but from what I have been told and read about you ideally want it to be around 1. So maybe some of those symptoms you are having could be related to your thyroid. Won't hurt to have it re-tested along with Ft3 and Ft4 and why not ask for the antibodies test to rule out graves and hashimoto's

8am cortisol test a must, as well as all the others posted. I would even ask for DHEA-S and also pregnolone.

Good luck and when you get your results post them back up.

Stress plays havoc on your hormones. Cortisol will probably tell the tale, high stress, high cortisol - high blood pressure as well as a host of others including lowered Testosterone.

Tell your doctor to $uck off with his stupid ass $hit saying NO to multiple injections weekly instead.


testes not small or shriveled, I had low labido.. can get it up no prob but desire just isn't what it used to be. I will ask for those labs stat. have small gynecomastia, very stubborn fat, i am not fat but you know, should lose it easier.


just called the v.a. they are such f'n dicks. I asked if it were smart to actually test some of these things and that i worried about just being stuck on medicine like they have done me these past few months. They say they will get back to me. I don't have the $$$ to go private sector.. But i may just do it and deal with the bill later. Thanks all

Getting stiffed by the gov again!


Oh, btw.. while taking these shots are they going to do anything for muscle gain or anything like that? should i see difference in anything? sex drive, mood, etc.???


probably not, and with no E2 monitoring. if i was in your shoes I would probably pass on the injections at the current schedule. Get the required tests to paint the picture and take it from there. Your gyno could be due to the injections since your doctor is a fool and does not monitor your e2 levels. sounds like he just saw low test and went right lets just inject testosterone, problem solved. what a moron. Being a soldier I would have thought they would look after you. pathetic.


i have only had one shot. they send them to me in the mail. I'm not sure if they will monitor anything. It's just the way they do vets.. So far i've been on a med roller coaster. They have had me on all kinds of shit.

Just thought maybe it would do some good for the short run.
Thanks guys!


You could split what they send you into 4 injections. But really you want to check what is causing your issue. It could be a lot simpler than having to be on TRT.
Also sounds like you might have high E2 which could also be detrimental along with high cortisol from all the stress you have been under.

You need to rule everything out which is in your best interest.

Start here http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/lab_work_and_blood_testing


What a Charlie Foxtrot.

Your doc says cortisol is causing your low T, but they didn't test cortisol and stuck you on T anyway???? All downhill from here.

Retinold nailed the tests that you need to have to get an accurate baseline. The problem is that these tests are not going to be representative now that you've started T. You need to let the T you've taken clear your system and wait a couple more weeks past that to get an accurate baseline if you want to do this right. So that is about a month from your last shot, assuming you only had one shot total.

200 mg every other week is stupid and ancient protocol that leads to wild mood swings, depression, shitty libido...basically everything you are trying to correct with meds in the first place.

When did your symptoms start in relation to you starting the PTSD medication? This is a potential big part of the puzzle.


I agree...optimally it would be best to stop the injections in order to get the most accurate tests.

None of his meds would cause testosterone to be that low...of course anything is possible but it isn't a side effect of those drugs...

TO THE OP: You need to demand these tests. It is ridiculous that they only tested your tsh and testosterone. Since your testicles are normal you most likely don't need TRT and there is something else going on.


Did the dr give you an explanation to why your levels are low or try to look into other areas. With a T level of 116 and at the age of 24.
Giving you TRT right off the bat your Dr was purely uneducated in the field of HRT.
Did he rule out thyroid, adrenals, lifestyles, sleep patterns, or unusual stress in your life? Probably not
Its give the guy TRT and see me in 3 months.

I'd see another dr. If you want you can PM me for recommendations.


How come dr's don't recommend supplements as a first choice over drugs and TRT. I know the vast majority of drs out there, hate and despise any form of supplement, except for the occasional vitamin. These drs have no clue to the potent supplements out there proven to raise test levels significantly. and im not talking about old tribulus either.

anyone that knows anything about modern day supplements knows what im talking about. Why they would put a 24 yr old on trt is beyond me. Shouldn't he start with natural supplements first. and people wonder why i never go to a dr.


Not to get too off topic from the OP, but I played the supplement game for a long time too and while I saw some slight improvement, and have no doubt it benefited my overall health, they really just didn't do much for my Low T and associated symptoms.


Latest update, after calling and calling, i get a phone call this morning stating from the doctor, "we've tested all your levels and we will retest in about 2 months" My cousin is a doctor as well and says that most don't know anything about this area and an endochronologist or something if i remember correctly was the one to go to. . At least to get started.

Well, hopefully nothing bad comes from this. They assume sense my adrenaline was out the ass for such a long period of time, this has the effect on my testosterone. I guess that's where the cortisol test would come into factor?? I have a colonoscopy and endoscopy on the 22nd for potential ulcers.. Nerves and adrenaline stayed shot while we were there.


well, not sure what supplements you tried. but things may have improved greatly since you last tried them.