New Here, Suggestions On Routine

Hey guys, i’ve been lurking around T-Nation and learned almost everything i know about bodybuilding off of this site. I’m just looking for some feedback on my routine. If it helps at all, I am 5’9", 155 pounds and only 15 years old. Im looking to get big but also gain strength and endurance. I’ve been following this routine for a couple weeks and it seems to be working alright.

Monday: Heavy Chest / Back / Tris-heavy
Tuesday: Biceps heavy / Quads / Shoulders / Lats / Abs
Wednesday: Posterior chain / Traps / weak points
Thursday: Back / Light Chest / Heavy core
Friday: Traps / Shoulders / Biceps / Lats
Saturday: Tris-light / Quads / Posterior chain / Abs
Sunday: Rest

and for cardio

Monday: Medium jog- long as possible
Tuesday: Jump Rope
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Sprinting
Friday: Jog
Saturday: Sprinting / Jogging
Sunday: Rest

I’ll get some pics up soon once we get a new camera

you dont tell us anything bro what are you doing??


i usually switch up the excercises im doing every 4 weeks or so but heres the ones im doing now

Chest: Dumbell Press / Incline Flys / Pullovers
Back: BB rows / T-bar Row / one arm DB rows
Biceps: BB curls / Concentration Curls / Hammers
Tris: Kickbacks / Overhead DB press
Quads: Back Squats / Leg Extensions / Leg curls (hams)
Shoulders: BB military press / bent over reverse flys
Traps: DB shrugs / BB on neck and shouders shrug
Lats: Chins
Weak Points i work on things like calfs, forearms, and lagging muscles
For posterior chain work i do deadlifts, and cleans

6 days of lifting and all that running on top of it? I hope your eating a whole cow a day. I know if i tried to follow that routine 2 weeeks in id probobly die.

the program will only help you if you eat enough to let it help you. In other words, if you arent eating enough to gain weight, then no matter what program you are on, you wont see many results.

The OVT program by CT is a good one - I’m just about finished with the first 4 weeks (stage one) and am seeing some good results along with my increased caloric intake.

my colleagues often tell me something like this: “You can’t get the kids you train to gain weight.” (they are 14-15YOs) “I couldn’t gain weight when I was that age and lifted weights hard.”

when i question them about ‘hard’ they almost invariably tell me about some body split routine like this. you want to get big and strong? SQUAT, Bench, pull ups, rows, deadlift, OH Press and cleans.

3-4 exercises a session, 3 sessions a week. 4-5 sets of 5. Heavy enough to make you work. Example:

day 1: Squat 4x5
Bench 4x5
BB Row 5x5

day 2: Deadlift 4x5
Press 3x5
pull ups BW to failure 3sets

day 3: Squat 4x5
Bench 4x5
Cleans 4x5

Then mix up the exercises the next week, just use the same basic template. Never leave out the squats. I might skip a week of deadlift once in a while and use cleans in their place…oh yeah, eat. If you can do all those exercises in one day (Monday has 8 exercises alone!!) you aren’t loading enough iron on the bar. KISS. oh yeah, eat.