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New Here. No Gym, Program Advice?

Bonjour et Zane Lawson, Hi I am Zane Lawson. My brother, Jack Lawson, Is also on this site and I am Rambling.

Lets get to the point I am 15 as of April 11, 2011. I Live away from Jack so I don’t get the same opportunities to exercise as much as he does. I have a Pair of 2 lb. (useless) dumbells. Two 5 lb. Dumbells (not much help either) and a 10 lb dumbell. Thats all along with a floor and my body weight.

The exercises I do are quite random and happen evrey so often. I do the following:

Bicep Curls
Forearm Bounces
I dont know what its called but I put The dumbell next to my shoulder and push up to the sky and come back down. It works the Shoulders.
Push ups
Sit Ups
Leg raises
shadow boxing
compound tricep lifts and occasionally when at the park; Pull ups.

Im also without cash to invest in a gym or in equipment so can anyone give me a guide book for what to do with what I have.

I’ll assume no one is horrible enough to troll the beginner’s forum.

Those dumbbells are completely useless. I curl 60s and my arms are still small.

Get a job and join a gym or
Do a lot of pullups, pushups with your little sister/backpack filled with books on your back or something, handstand pushups (against a wall) and single leg squats (or squat your little sister or something), dips or
Play football, go swimming, eat eat eat eat eat eat eat.

or buy a barbell (an olympic barbell), 400 pounds of weights, two adjustable olympic db handles

I’m gonna say this again: a 10 lb dumbbell is completely useless unless you’re rehabbing a torn rotator cuff or something.

Your main focus right now should be to eat. I’m not saying don’t train your butt off, but please, go eat something, anything…but really.

At this point, you need to be eating everything in site and more. Here are two simple rules for you:

Eat like an animal
Get more weights or join a gym and focus on lifting heavy and building a base with compound movements.

Google your thread title; loads of articles to read right there.