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New Here, Need Help w/ GCT


so, i've been a fan for about 6 months now, love the stuff, writers straight up AWESOME, and i've never needed to post on forums...until now. i was looking for something to follow up my 10x3 that i'm starting on in a couple months, and i stumbled on an article from Poliquin where he talked about GCT, so it intruged me...i searched for it, and came up w/ the article "Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss"(sorry, don't remember how to link stuff) and i was reading it, got to the workouts and was like "Oh circuits, this seems simple enough...I've put myself through some tough circuits ever w/ HIIT before, and this looks a lil bit easier." even though i was really thinking "It looks easier, but Poliquin is like....not gonna do something thats easy." so i scroll down and get to this...

�?� Use a 40X0 tempo on the sets of 6; a 20X0 tempo on the sets of 12; and a 10X0 tempo on the sets of 25.

is that right? 40 seconds for 6, 20 secondsfor 12, and 10 seconds for 25?

also, has anybody tried it?


'tempo' refers to the way the weight should be lifted, the most advanced way to describe is 4 numbers e.g. ABCD,

A= An eccentric or negative portion (the lowering of the weight)

B= A pause in the stretched or "bottom" position

C= A concentric portion (the actual lifting part)

D= A pause in the contracted or "top" position

40X0 means 4 seconds eccentric, no pause at bottom, X seconds concentric (as fast as possible), no pause at the 'lockout'


i know what tempo is, but i've always seen it as ABC. I've never seen the lockout portion on the tempo, and if thats the case 40X0= 40 sec eccentric, no pause, and then up as fast as possible...

but anyway, i like 4 seconds much more than 40, and didn't think there was any way it could possibly be a 40 second eccentric, so thanks for clearin it up.