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New Here, Need Feedback on Program


I just signed up here, so I wanted to get a little feedback on the right type of training for my situation. I started out as 6'4 185 , back in november. I did rippetoes for about 4 weeks starting at much lower weights than my max. I stopped because I was tired of squatting 3 times a week because my hips or knees would hurt , so I wound up doing max ot a 5 day split doing each body part once a week.

After a good 12 weeks of this and the ripptoes, I ended up weighing 215, benching 220 for 4 reps, squatting 270 4 reps, deadlifting 325 4 reps. I made most of the progress on the max ot, but I've read that doing full body workouts were best.

My dilemma now is that my body fat is about 26% and its all in the stomach, but I still want to bulk up and get stronger because I was still making good progress. I was thinking about going back on rippetoes and did that for a week with cardio 3-4 times a week, but on the friday workout, i strained my hip doing squats.. What do you guys think is my best bet. I want to end up looking big, but getting the body fat down to about 12%..

Should I do rippetoes program, max ot, or some other full body workout for a few months and get as big as possible first then cut, or cut on rippetoes, or just eat maintanence calories while lifting and getting stronger and hopefully bigger? Whats the best program to get in for my situation


If you’re 6’4" and 215 there’s no way in hell you got 25% bodyfat with those lifts.

Anyway - if you want to get stronger, keep doing what’s working for you. To lose fat, cut the calories to maintenance/slightly below and focus on peri-workout nutrition. It will play a bigger role in recovery. However, you won’t be gaining weight.

Fat is all diet. You can use the same kind of lifting for bulking and cutting, the main difference is how you eat.


My 300 dollar tanita scale is telling me my fat is 26% and right now I weigh 206 at 6’4 because I took a little off for 2 or 3 weeks. I have no fat on my body really except in my stomach which looks pregenent when I let it hang. I can tuck it in and look like im in great shape though, so I walk around all day tucking it in feeling a little uncomfortable. I want to lose the belly and keep getting bigger every where else though. Do you guys recommend rippetoes with my situation and add some cardio in, or a split, or a different full body workout. I read a lot of great things about rippetoes and I’ve done it for 3-4 weeks 2 times and got stronger, but have gotten more mass gains on max ot doing 5 day split. I’m leaning toward rippetoes because I want to get all of my beginner gains and do things the right way. Suggestions?