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New Here, Need Advice

Hello fellow lifters.
Feels great to finally register here and join the community.
But lets get to the point.

My name is Alexander and I’m from Iceland.
I’m 6’4’’ and 190 lbs at 17 years old.
I’ve never tested my 1RM but i would estimate that my max lifts are something like:
Bench: 65 kg (injured shoulder yay)
Dead: 120 kg
squat: 110 kg
I recently got measured as 6,2% bodyfat using the pinching thing and the fitnesstransform.com http://www.fitnesstransform.com/Body_Fat_Calculator_for_Men.php
But an electric bodyfat monitor measures me at 9-11%

I’m not really worried about bodyfat though.
What I’m interested in is packing on some weight and getting going with some hard ass busting program and increasing my max lifts because reading here on T-Nation makes me feel both psyched to start working out, and like a complete pussy for not being stronger.

I was thinking of taking up the beast building program but my local gym doesn’t even have a power/squat rack. Merely a smith machine(which I never use), lots of freeweights(dumbbells, two EZ bars one normal barbell and one barbell holder for squats but no safety rack or anything on it)

So I’ve started it out with phase 1 of that program with incline bench press, deadlifts (variations like sumo and stiff leg) and then bent over rows. Exactly as the beast himself recommended.

Also, my father is traveling to USA on 4th of july, a week later he brings home my Biotest supplements (Surge, Metabolic Drive/Grow!, Flameout, german creatine, anything else?) so I can really start pumping up my physique.

And that’s it for my introduction. I’m looking for some tips and advice on what would be best in my situation from an advanced lifter’s point of view. If beast building is not the right program or whatever you want to say.
I can give more info or pictures if you want.
I sincerely hope I’m well received here.

Thanks and lift hard :smiley:

Oh and feel free to correct my spelling.

Edit: I should add that i’m not a complete beginner. I know how to deadlift, clean and squat with proper form and generally all the basics. I just need a hammered down program that i can put on a paper and follow step by step instead of just goofing around doing only what i can do with the limited equipment here.

I’m not farmiliar with beast building; but if your looking to get big and strong…I like the 5 x 5 scheme. I’m a tall lanky guy myself and that’s always worked.

squat, deadlift, bench…that’ll be your best bet at getting bigger all around.

total body workouts x 3 a week are amazing for gaining size.

supplement staples (for me/most): protein, creatine, fish oil, bcaa and a multi-Vit.

eat alot and often.

train hard and never give up!


oh also, the 4 ‘stickies’ at the top of the ‘beginners’ page are amazing, i still read them and i’ve been training for 7+ years.


Well, ok, but only because you asked.

Do this forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=998224

and make sure you’re eating. Sure there are many programs that will get you stronger, but I think Rippetoe has just nailed it on the head. I’m just finishing my second round with great results.

If you follow this, you will get stronger. Of course you have to push yourself, but that’s a given.

Thank you, sir for your answer.
I like pushing myself. I gained 6kg in the last month since i started lifting for real doing some half assed program. But since then it’s been “GO HARD OR GO HOME”