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New Here. My (Long) Background and Some Bloodwork Questions

Wow so much info I’m loosing my mind!

Here is my main question for those not interisted in my story
What are the best/most important blood tests for followup T replacement and how often? I’m trying to take charge and not rely on my doc!

My story
I’m 40 one year retired now (wife works for health care - home paid for -no payments and have a nice savings) 5’8" 200lbs chubby around the middle but pretty defined arms and legs with a lot of muscle mass! I’m a hard mass gainer but make good strength gains! Stressful childhood worked 80 hrs a week till I was 27. Then a very stressful job till I retired at 40 when my boss wanted to put me on night shift and weekends that ment never going to bed with my wife and never having the same days off and that’s when we decided to live a happier simpler kind of life and I would retire. I thank Obama for running health care as we know it!

KSman I haven’t done my temps yet but I’m always hot and wearing shorts and t shirt in winter and have to hav A/C set to 68 or I can’t sleep!

I’ve had low T for over 15 years (240) but Kaiser doctors wouldn’t prescribe because I was still at the bare minimum! Told me I was just depressed and gave me Prozac and my life has never been the same after taking it for about 6 months! I think I’m actually crazy now! This is when all my problems went into overdrive! Had to stop because my wife was scared of me I had uncontrollable rage, I could not climax sexually and I just didn’t care about anything or anyone!

I had varicose veins in my scrotum and had surgery to fix about 10 years ago. There’s still a bit there but nothing like there was and I don’t feel like I was kicked in the balls all day any more.

For 15 years I’ve been suffering with Insomnia Depression Anxiety Anger Stress and loss of libido with weak errections (but always enough to perform) I have now been told I have Fibromyalgia I feel like I have played tackle football all day everyday and have random stabbing pains all over my body.

I’ve tried all the natural remedies I could find and the only thing that has ever helped was joining a Cross Fit gym. Being surround by hot strong sexy younger women was a complete game changer for me mentally! My animal instincts kicked in! I lost 20 lbs and got stronger but hit a wall and I think I was running on adrenals and will/sex power as my Test levels never changed. I finally got burned out and as a happily married man I quit after a year due to sexual temptation and feeling unwell. I truly feel that the married lifestyle causes/contributes low T even though I’m faithful I felt like an animal in heat and if I could have acted on my urges I think I would have improved.

I recently tested at 204 after a year of being retired so no stress!! I was also on a heavy full body 5x5 workout called Strong lifts lots of heavy squats and deadlifts for 3 months got back up to my record lift weights. One day I just lost all motivation felt like I couldn’t lift and just wanted to die! My memory started to go I struggled to do simple things like add a tip to a credit card bill I would just stare at it till my wife said what are you doing. I became overwhelmed in the grocery store and would just stare at the shelfs and take over 2-3 hours not realizing it kind of like a zombie! When I drive places and I get there I have no memory of the drive kinda like I teleported there. I struggle to Reiner what I watched on to last night and if/when I do I don’t remember what happened wife has to give me a recap. I have no desire to do anything even the things I love to do like fishing and I live across the street from the river. I feel like I have Alzheimer’s or something

All blood work came back good except low T and low Vit D slightly high lipids and Cholesterol

For 3 months now New doc has put me on 5000iu Vit D and 125mg test cyp per week but I’ve been dividing into two doses per week for the last month after finding this site. He didn’t seem interested in AI or Hcg and I’m not sure I want Hcg I don’t want kids and my sack is smaller and tighter now it’s kind of nice lol!

I an now having periods of ups and downs in mood mentality and libido. With erections some days are great like mid 20s again and some days Weak but able to perform. Sex drive is up and I find women I wouldn’t give a second look more attractive now even fat girls if they have a pretty face. I also seem to last even longer before release and I was never a 2 pump chump! Lol

I am also just starting to diet again starting the second month of Test treatment. On weekdays im doing intermittent fasting last meal at 7pm and first meal at 9-11am depending on what I’m doing and how I feel. First meal is after the gym a premier protein shake 160 cal and 30g protein 1g sugar and 24 vitamins and minerals I mix this with a scoop of Zena all in one vitiman & nutrition 120 cal 10g protein with tons of vitimans minerals and fiber only 1g sugar too. I have two of these a day for 560 calories and a large diner of whatever I want mostly protein and carbs (pasta or potatoes) On two months of this I have lost 10lbs first month haven’t lost any weight in 2nd month but looking better/leaner and cloths fit better! On weekends I just eat whatever I want whenever I’m hungry.

Ok question now - I was just put on 125mg of test per week 3 months ago getting ready to do my first labs since starting.

What blood tests are best/most important for continued follow up labs!

My doc treats mostly much older men and I think all he cares about is getting them over 500 but he seems very open to trying new things and helping me!

I am really struggling the only thing I have going for me is sheer willpower and the love of my wife! No one has more willpower than me! But I’m so close to just throwing in the towel and filing for disability and just dealing with the pain and shitty quality of life!

Firstly in this country you can’t retire at the age of 40, it that were the case more than half of America would be retired me included! These ranges alone don’t tell the whole story and whenever a doctor ignores your symptoms and fixates on labs alone, it just means they don’t know how to properly diagnose low testosterone and likely failed to read the medical journals and guidelines equals lazy damn doctors. As I’ve found out Kaiser endo’s are way behind the times, they’re a little better than the worst. Thank God I don’t need an AI.

I’ve been going through a tug of war as far as symptom relief, erection get better, than like the tide they recede only later return for a time only to recede again. It’s a painful recovery process and creates a lot of self doubt if one is actually getting better at all. I’m 7 month into TRT and still not fully recovered, every few months I make a breakthrough in mood, energy and erections. You really need SHBG tested, this will allow you and your doctor to determine which protocol will work best and how many injection you require. Twice weekly is the new norm, those with lower SHBG simply need more shots, preferably every other day.

All blood tests and the majority of your questions will be answered by reading the stickies. Lots of reading, its all important.