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New Here, Looking Forward to Getting Fit

Hi everyone, found this forum in a search to change eating habits and eat healthier.

I’ve never really ate very healthy and have slowly gained weight my whole life.

Well now I’m up to 300lbs and want to lose 125 of it. I’ve recently joined a gym (again)and started on the treadmills and resistance .I do find it odd that a gym has pizza night though…as that is the precise type of eating that has gotten me to where I am today.

I tend to get bored working out very quickly so I have been scouring this forum finding tips and workouts to keep from boredom.

Does anyone have any resources beside the newbie threads above that could help some one like me to keep from getting bored at the gym?

Change your attitude.

Be more positive.

Get away from negative.

Set goals.

[quote]kafreeman wrote:
I do find it odd that a gym has pizza night though…

Planet Fatness?

I wish my gym had a pizza night… that is my favorite post work out meal.