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New Here, Looking for Some Help

I recently went to a new doctor to talk about some symptoms that I have been having for several years now. Always tired and feeling run down, no endurance at all, libido in the dumps, Lack of concentration, etc. I have it all! LOL So the doc ran some blood tests to check anything and everything because I am tired of being tossed out on the street by other docs who just call it depression and give me some happy pills that do nothing for me.

My blood work came back, and he found that I have low testosterone. My numbers that he gave me were:
Test, Total, LC/MS/MS 176 ng/dL…Ref Range: 250-1100 ng/dL
Free Test 32.1 pg/ML…Ref Range 35.0-155.0 pg/mL

We spoke about different methods of treatment, and I went on Axiron 60 mg, or one pump under each arm daily.
We spoke about injections, and from my lurking on the net, I knew not to go this route when he talked about an injection only once a month! Yikes!

With that, if this Axiron doesn’t work for me (blood test after 8 weeks), I am pretty much out of luck with this guy because a once/month injection would be a roller coaster ride from hell!

**Can anyone in the KC are please PM me a name of a good TRT doc/docs in the area? I am in Johnson County, but if I have to drive farther to see a decent doc I will.