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New Here, Listing My Plan

Hey guys, im 15 (nearly 16) i have been lightly into weight lifting for a couple months. I had surgery on my elbow, so i am still re-couping. Long story short, i have arthritis. My stats… I am 5’11 w/o shoes, 180lb, 14.7%bf (maybe a bit less, i have been doing more cardio since last measured)

Some of my measurements. These are basically all genetics accept for legs and chest which are really all i have worked on. Legs for tack cycling (velodrome) and chest just because i could with fly’s, i couldnt bench/curl or anything like that because of my arms.

bicep- 14"
forearm- ~12.25"
chest- 44-46"
quads- ~25.25"
calves- ~16.5"
neck- ~16"

Some lift numbers

first bench since surgery (on friday) - 175x9
Squat- no max recorded, while working out i recorded 250x8.
dead lift- again, no max attempt, but i have done 250 with relative ease, i suppose i could pull 300.

I have a pretty solid base to work off of ide say.

I just made this up… still not done, there are some imperfections in it :slight_smile:

This is on my two high intensity days, following CT’s carb cycling, well not exactly, but along the lines. The other two days are Moderate, and days off. I have to work around my elbows here, but i have come up with ways to hit every muscle that i need/want to over the past couple months of experimentation. So the other two days i intake less carbs. I am trying to jam this in around my fking school day, oh man. So my workouts are going to be at around 4pm.


  • 340gcarb -200g protein -90g fat
    Breakfast -High intensity
    -70g carbs - 30g fat -30gprotein
    -4 eggs
    -2 piece bread
    -Protein shake

Snack: 9:30am

Lunch: 800cals
70g carbs - 30g fat - 30g protein

Snack: 1:10pm

Post workout: 800cals
70g carbs - 30g fat - 30g protein

Super: 800cal
70g carbs - 30-60g protein

Might have left some stuff out in this post, but im really tired from the weekend.