New Here... Like What I See

Hello all,

My name is matt and I’ve been training for about a year, I’m by no means a hardcore lifter but I’m working on it. I got sick and tired of being FAT and decided to do something about it. About this time last year I was 260 after getting my diet in check and Running 5+ miles almost every day I’m now floating around 200 lbs.

I look and feel better than i have in longer than i can remember. I started lifting about 5 months ago and have been hitting the gym 5 days a week religiously. I’m a complete addict now, and I love it.

Now I’m completely happy with what i’ve done in a relatively short time but I want more. I won’t be totally satisfied until i get another 15-20 lbs off and those are the hard ones.

Basically I’m here looking for new workout and diet ideas.

I have high hopes and look forward to familiarizing myself with the forum.

Welcome to the Nation.

However, your question is pretty vague. Maybe tell us what you do now, diet and training-wise, and we could make some suggestions. But also, how’s your progress going right now? If the weight is still coming off, and you’re happy with your progress, there’s no real reason to change it up.

Welcome to TMuscle/nation/mag/whatever they call it next month

Congratulations on your transformation and your new found zeal for weightlifting/fitness. It’s certainly a lifestyle that takes a while to grow accustomed to, but once it’s gotcha, it’s gotcha for life.

If you haven’t done so already, read the stickies. I’ll let you know this right now, there will be moments where you doubt what you’re doing is right for you. There will be moments where you will want to throw it all away to follow the easier route. If you can overcome those moments then, you sir, have already accomplished one of the most difficult things you’ll face.

Remember, attitude has a lot of to do with the amount of success you’ll see. We’re a sarcastic bunch, but more than happy to help out someone who seeks it. Your introduction already establishes you as being serious in your pursuits. I have great confidence that you’ll find a program that suits your goals as well as all the information you’ll need to formulate a diet that will help you reach your goals. There’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

If you have any questions, for best results, you should first try to answer it yourself using the search function and if you need further elaboration feel free to ask. The articles are great for general knowledge but sometimes fall short in satisfying your questions and this is where the forums really come into play. The members here have extended knowledge on almost any question you might have.

So, welcome to T-Nation and see you around.

That isn’t really what this website is for.

We like muscle here, not just an absence of fat.

[quote]mr popular wrote:
That isn’t really what this website is for.

We like muscle here, not just an absence of fat.[/quote]

Really, I’d think the majority of people would prefer progress towards a personal goal rather than “just muscle” … just sayin this guy lost 60lbs of fat and has expressed an interest in hitting the gym and you give him a bad attitude … save that shit for the trolls

I appreciate it

I wasn’t really asking any questions yet… just a short intro (felt like the thing to do)

I lift every day and have moved on from the cardio only thing so I’m not just playing the weightloss game anymore. From the short time i’ve spent poking around the forum it seems there is a lot of people here with a lot of good knowledge. When i say i’m looking for diet and workout ideas it’s more of a diet in the literal term than the jenny craig / slimfast thing and as I said i’m not a hardcore know everything power lifter so I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and whatnot to increase my own workout repertoire