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New Here, Leaning Out


Sup everyone!
names danny.
19, 180-5lbs
5'7 20%bf

Leaning out right now.
currently on amp 02, kirkland multi, creatine, mono, 100% iso zero carb whey, and lots of eggs, chicken, fish, red meat, and veggies!





man i gotta get on that red meat supplement, i wonder if its any good for bench n curls routine


Fo shizzle!

180-5lbs, 20% bf? Word to your muffler.

Keep polluting the gene pool Danny Boy.



If this isn't a troll:
What exercises are you doing to lean out? Just dieting = fail. Also, creatine AND mono eh?

If this is a troll:
You got me!


LOL. I hope you realize that there is something wrong with your post.


what is wrong with is post? I believe he is just introducing himself.


Other than "creatine" and "mono(hydrate)" being separated by a comma? Nothing is wrong with his post.

He's at 20% bf, so he wants to lean down a bit. Nothing wrong with that. If he's a newbie to lifting, he's gonna add some muscle while he's at it. He's taking decent supps and eating good food.

I assume he's lifting.(?) If not, tELE, get to it. There are plenty of great routines to be found on this site, and plenty of info to help you towards any goal you seek.

Welcome to the Nation.


Welcome indeed.


This is the beginners forum, not Alpha.

Don't be a dick, T-Fellows.