New Here, Just Prescribed T

ok. so I was just prescribed this trt protocol and quite frankly some of it just doesn’t seem right to me. with all the research I’ve done and all the boards I’ve combed thru there is something about my protocol that seems a bit off. now that could just be me but just for the heck of it I wanted to post it here and get some feedback.

so I was prescribed 200 mg of test cyp per week in 2 100 mg doses. that part seems ok. from what I’ve seen its on the high end but def an acceptable dosage and it seems like split in 2 injections seems also to be the better way. 3384 I/U’s of hcg daily and 1 mg of arimidex EOD. I think I did the math correct on the hcg (11,000 I/U w/ 6.5ML of diluent and inject 20 units or .2ML daily).

If so, the HCG and the arimidex dosages seem high compared to what I’ve seen. yes I questioned the dr and he explained it to me and it sounded like it made sense but after doing a bit of due diligence it seems a bit off.

any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Constructive feedback begins once labs are posted, there’s no way for anyone to determine if your protocol is right for you. Typically your protocol only works for men who are hyper metabolizers and or hypersecretion which you couldn’t know unless your levels came in super low after months of being on TRT.

AI dosage is insane and you need to say goodbye to this doctor, he is dangerous! This AI dosage is perfect if you’re a women with breast cancer, unless you are a 1000 pound man this AI dosage will cause osteoporosis down the road and take your estrogen to zero, this doctor is stupid and hie has no business prescribing TRT.

Ok. I actually asked for a copy after he prescribed this protocol. Are there any numbers that are most important besides the obvious or just put a pic of the print out? Thanks for taking the time to respond by the way.

Put it all up. If you type it in please include the ranges. A pic works too though.

Phew I hate typing so I’ll put a pic up. It’s at home and I’m at work so I’ll post later today. Thanks!!!

Oh also I finally just found the “stickies.” So I do apologize if my original post came off wrong. There is some great info in there.

im on 200 mg test cyp a week, 50 units per dose twice a week, and .5 anasrtozole per week which is an estrogem blocker like arimidex. Your doses of arimidex and hcg are high. Having too low of estrogen can also cause you problems like no libido, tiredness, feeling like crap etc.estrogen i think is one of the more imprtant parts of trt therapy that most doctors dont have a clue about. a range between 20-30 is considered the sweet spot. That high of arimidex could cause your estrogen to crash significantly. Other guys on here with more experience may have different advice for ya so Id keep checking to see what they also say

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Thanks for the feedback man. I either wanna start or scrap and move on. I just didn’t feel right w the hcg and arimidex dosages as compared to everything I saw. Like I said dr sounded reasonable when I asked but i guess he more explained why ea was necessary not exactly y or how he came up w the doses. Thanks again!

Here are my labs. I was tested at 3 in the afternoon and I ate at 830 am so it wasn’t a true fast but I fig that wasn’t the point bec I already knew my imp #s from my annual w my pcp.

You wasted your money, these labs are useless as they were taken at a time when levels are expected to be much lower. Nobody can even comment on them.

Well with work and the lab sched and everything unless I wanted to wait a week and half I took what I can get. I’m sure the dr took that into account.

Are these labs your pre-TRT labs? Doctor ordered the female estrogen labs, you need the LC/MS/MS method as the one you have can overstate a man’s estrogen level, doctor is uninformed.

I see a lot of red flags this doctor is old school, T3 uptake is a bad sign this doctor is outdated in his knowledge, updated doctors now check Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 and antibodies. There are few doctors who are up to date, most continue to practice medicine the way they were taught 10-20 years ago, it’s running Windows XP in 2018.

Ok. I just went with what he ordered and yes they were pre trt labs. I really appreciate the feedback tho. So I guess what it was all for nothing and i got a shit ton of drugs here I can’t use. Start over?

You’re missing SHBG, SHBG is the gold standard for sex hormone evaluation and tells us how well you hold onto your testosterone and determines dosing and injection frequency, so without you have no idea how often to inject testosterone. I started out TRT injecting 75mg once weekly, then 50mg twice weekly and never felt right, I did a little research and found out that do to my low SHBG that I should inject smaller dosages EOD.

Three weeks after starting an EOD protocol I started responding strongly to TRT, erections all the time, could stop staring at women and muscles started getting harder. Where I have arrived is far from 50mg twice weekly, more like 16-20mg EOD. I couldn’t have done any of this without knowing my SHBG level which dictates protocol.

Depending on what type of day you had your testosterone in the early morning could be over 500. Your free t is only boderline low.

Surprised he jumped on trt without a low T early morning lab. I would definitely redo labs and include shbg within an hour of waking after a good night sleep.

And try the e2 LC MS assay.

If he’s under his insurance, it may catch up it at a later date and stop paying for TRT because the doctor doesn’t believe the rules apply to him. Insurance companies require two early morning blood draws showing levels below ranges.

Hi guys I really appreciate the feedback 100%. Thank you!