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New Here In Forum, Rules?


What are the rules for this forum in context to avoid the suspension of account?

The official Terms of Use are here.

The biggest and most common “Do Not Do’s” are linking to training/nutrition sites or blogs in replies, insulting members’ families, and posting porn. Beyond that, a lot of it is common sense. Your basic goal on the forum should be to help other members and debate/discuss topics intelligently, not push your own services.

In a nutshell…

Not gonna lie though, based on your username and profile info, I suspect you may have a short tenure here. Please try to prove me wrong.


Sorry, didn’t realize that when I posted the Wendler site article yesterday. I didn’t see the harm in that one when I posted it, but I can get how it’d be a slippery slope. Thanks for editing my post and not just scrapping it.

Just testing the post function