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New Here, HRT Question and Workout


I am new here and have been reading a lot over the last few weeks. I was recently diagnosed with extremely low cortisol levels ( MD says Adrenal fatigue ), low Test and High estrogen. I was implanted with pellets to increase my testosterone, along with aramotase ( sp? ) to lower estrogen, and put on 30 MG of Hydrocortisone Slow Release a day for the adrenal fatigue.

I was instructed to eat a clean diet ( which I have been for years anyway ), and workout. Well.. I am 80 lbs over weight, have not picked up a weight in over 5 years, and just trying to keep it simple to help my body heal and take advantage of what my doctor gave me.

Anyone else in a similar issue at one point in their life? I do not have a gym membership, but have an Eliptical machine, powerblocks, open bench, and looking for some suggestions on diet/exercise for my age and experience. A lot of the articles here are quite complex for a newbie, just trying to find a simple starter program that works with free weights and any other suggestions that might apply to me and my current state. Thanks for any help.


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