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New Here, How Is My Diet?


Hi everyone. I'm new here so I'l just tell a bit about myself. I'm a wide receiver in high school football and I finsihed my freshman season, my coach says that if I want to get my game to the next level and dominate I will need to put on some more size and eat more. Here are my stats
Body type:Ectomorph/Mesomorph(mascular)
Height:6 foot
Weight:150 lbs
40 yard dash:4.8 seconds

Now I just want to say that currently Im doing a muscle growth exercies using supersets/drop supersets and giant sets till the summer, then I will move explosive powerlifting with my team, however sense Im a ectomorph a little bit I eat alot, but Im not sure if I eat correctly, so here is how I eat

I usually eat 3-5 times a day and I calcualted that I eat 2700-3500 calories a day and consume 180 grams of protein and I use a multivitamin A-ZINC

Here are the food groups that I eat:
Veggies: Raw or steamed broccoli, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes
Fruit: Apple, Banana, lemon
Meat Group: Chicken, tuna, salmon, beef
Grains: 6-10 pieces of whole bread
Also I drink 1 gallon of water per day and 6-8 glasses of milk and I EAT NO JUNK FOOD or DRINK SODAS

With that diet that I started 1 month ago I gained 5 lbs but is there a better way to do it?


Sounds like you are right on track.I had a really hard time gaining weight in high school.Most guys do.I would stick with the calorie intake you are doing right now and if you plateau then go ahead and add another 500 cals.You may want to try a weightgainer as well.I know that it helped me at that age.As far as your training goes.I would stick with westside training.There's lots of good articles on this site as well as the westside-barbell site.Good luck!!!


It does sound like you're on the right track, although I would not use a weight gainer. If anything, get classic Grow! for your extra calories... if not, just stick to whole milk. A carton a day is 1200 calories.


Thanks guys, by the way is it okay if I will use some creatine from GNC? Is it safe? Im 15 and I need to look like a beast come next year


Don't fix what isn't broken. If it is 5 pounds of mostly lean mass per month, then it works. If you are adding mass and your vertical is dropping (test every two weeks), then check out Massive Eating by Dr. John Berardi.



I think the consensus on these boards is that creatine is fine and healthy for you. Some parents have a problem with it though:
I'll add two more points. I'm sure you can find someplace better and cheaper to buy from than GNC. And, just "looking" like a beast won't be enough once you're on the field.


Thanks again, by the way my vertical is improved actually sense Im doing squats, lunges, plyometrics. By the way today at school my hard work finally paid off as girls touched my six pack and my biceps it felt good that people can see your work pay off, lol and they also maid other guys feel bad, also I told them wait till may because I will be a beast then!:slightly_smiling:


oh god...




man there wasnt anything much better than a 150 lb receiver going over the middle trying to catch a ball...damn high school football was a good time


LOL, I won't be 150 lbs next august I will be 170 lbs of muscle and 4.7 speed!


4.7 speed isnt bad for highschool...but just for a thought i played with and against guys that were 100+ lbs heavier with that same speed talk about a beating