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New Here, Cutting Before Bulking


Whats up guys? I have been reading forums here for a few weeks justt now getting around to making a account.

I'm 18 currently cutting, I made the decision a while ago to cut before I'm ready to bulk. I guess I just want a clean slate to start with.

I work at GNC, and most of my knowledge is in nutrition. I hope I can exchange some facts with you guys.



You're 18, so why cut before bulking? If you're going to bulk, then obviously you need to add size. Why would you subtract, and then add? Start eating and lifting HEAVY! I made this same mistake at 31. I cut for summer, so I could see 2 more ab muscles.... it was sooooo counter productive, being that my main goal is to be bigger and stronger. What are your stats?Goals?Supplements?Nutrition?


At 18 you're in the best growing phase of your life! Take advantage of it, forget about the cutting, and EAT HEAVY and LIFT HEAVY!!!!!


There is no reason to cut if your goal is to bulk. One thing you will learn here...what are your goals? and do your actions support your goals? If you want to bulk, bulk. I don't see what the "clean slate" will provide you except maybe a "before" shot.

Keep lurking around here, tons of great info.


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New Here, Cutting Before Bulking

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Cutting what? I hope you have a bone saw.

Here, read this whole thread a few times: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1027723


Let me give you a little more info.

Yea I'm 18, 154 lbs (came down from 220). But I'm only 5'6 and I still have fat in my legs and belly that I am working on. I know there are more benefits If I would bulk right now, its just a mental block I cant get over.

Right now I'm just trying to build my knowledge so when I am ready I will do it the best way I can.


Props to you for wanting to improve yourself and build your base of knowledge. Three people have given you advice. They've all been training at least 3x as long as you. 4est, who is knowledgeable with consistently excellent posts, has also told you, with 20 years of experience, not to cut. I'm chiming in my agreement.

If you were to cut, then bulk, eventually the bulk would bring you back to where you were when you first began to cut. So you'll have to cut again. It is a complete waste of your time and you'll achieve satisfaction by bulking now, as your goals will become more reasonable than they are now.

What is more, what you want now will never be achieved through your proposed method. Go straight for the bulk. Good luck.