New Here, Could Use Some Advice

Hey all, new around here and hope to get accustomed to everything. Anyways, Ive been lifting now for about a year and a half and Im looking for help at a new routine. Ive been doing the whole 1 body part a day thing for a while and it just hasnt been doing much for me and Id like to change that.

Im thinking that maybe I should be throwing in compound excercises alot more. Heres my current split

4 sets of Deadlifts
4 sets of Close Grip Pulldowns
4 sets of DB Rows

4 sets of Flat Bench
4 sets of DB Press
3 sets of Flies
3 sets of Incline Flies

3 sets of Hammer Curls
3 sets of Barbell curls
3 sets of Dips
3 sets of Skull Crushers

4 sets of Squats
4 sets of Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
4 sets of Alternating Leg Extensions

3 sets of Arnold Presses supersetted with Lateral Raises
3 sets of Military Press
3 sets of the 1 arm cable crossover for rear delts

Im definetly going for size and I just dont think this is doing anything for me, any help would be great.

Basically, any major change up should start working for you.

Take a look through the programs on this site… and when you have some specific questions, I’m sure people will offer advice.

Yeah Ive been looking at routines for hours now all over the internet, here,, etc… etc… I just need something new and concrete

Vroom’s got a good point; but if you’re really feeling aimless, or just indifferent to where you go next.

If you want something different, have you considered simply changing your set/rep scheme? Set yourself up for more reps with lower weight for inducing hypertrophy, or higher weight and fewer reps for strength.

Or search the author’s area on the left, check out Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program (ABBH). Lots of people like it, and it will be a big change from what you’re currently doing.

I would lose the arm and shoulder day and drastically increase the intensity you use when lifting. Add some front shoulder & tricep work after chest, rear shoulder & bicep after back day and abs after legs.

Your split looks pretty good though. Remember, bust your arse for those 2 extra reps!