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New here, check my routine?


Currently 6'2"
210~215 lbs
Assuming in the 16-20% BodyFat range just from comparing to my past.

Been hitting the weights on and off for approx 5 years now.

--Edit to add to the little bio:
Fat kid in highschool ~250lbs. Hit the gym senior year of highschool and by the end of my first year of college I was down to ~210.
I double majored in the sciences and basically worked 3 part time jobs non-stop throughout the first three years of college so my workouts were very randomly placed and not as frequent as I was accustomed. Sometimes I'd hit the gym (or ran) once in two weeks sometimes multiple times all depended on scheduling. My senior year I dropped two of the part time jobs and lived in an apartment building with a fairly decent 24/7 gym room (I like to lift late at night). I managed to drop down to nearly 190lbs and kept getting stronger.
Graduated, moved back home (hated that). Ended up getting tech job @ bank near home so didn't move out. This is when I get my planet fitness "non-binding contract" plan. Work out fairly regularly on their limited selection of equipment and their one "curl"-rack (sigh) and lack of barbells.
My Father recently died so now I'm in charge of the bills for the house. But since it seems I'm stuck here I've moved to a much better gym with legitimate free weight equipment/benches/racks etc.

So yeah I have the time and means to lift like a beast now.
I dialed back the running about a month ago since I am lift more often. But I'm going to try make time to run more often by doing stuff before work. Been doing 5am gym days all this week before work (sucks I am NOT a morning person).

--Edit end

I probably fall under intermediate but lets just say I'm a beginner and get on with it.

I have a friend who has helped me develop my current program. I know he's a big Ian King follower and had me do some of his foundation programs several months back. Which as explained was humbling and somewhat ego-shattering.

ANYWAY Currently I'm doing the following:

BB Curls 5x5 progressing weight
Close Grip Bench 5x5 progressing weight
(if gym is not super busy I alternate these sets).

DB Hammer Curls - 10x4 sets prog.weight
Dips- 10x4 sets prog.weight
(again alternating sets)

Reverse BarBell Curls 5x5 prog.weight
KBell Shoulder presses ~8x4 prog.weight

-Breathing Squats ~20x1
-15 Dumbell pullovers for stretch.
-3 or 4 sets of Regular Squats at progressing weights I can do for 5~2 reps each (after the breathing squats) mostly to get used to the weight. More pullovers after each set small set of squats.

-1-Leg body-weight squats, 10x1 each leg

-2 sets of ~50 feet of kettle bell lunges. (appox 9 or 10 reps per leg depending how uniform my lunge is)

-Calf raises 20x2


-BB Bench Press, 6 Sets progressing weight such that first 2 or 3 sets I manage a full 10 reps last set tends to be 1 (maybe 2) reps
-Flys 10 reps between each bench press

-BB Bentover Rows 6 sets same as bench.

-Hang Clean Practice... I keep pulling with my arms. I did rowing crew for a half a semester in college and had no problem with progressive pulling in a boat/erg machine but for some reason with a bar I just can't 100% shake the urge to pull with my arms/shoulders as of yet.
*Eventually Hang Clean will replace Hang Clean Practice.

-Front raises 2 sets ("Ian King style") 7rep low, 7 full motion, 7 high motion.
-Side Raises 2 sets (again Ian King Style)

I'll usually make it to the gym 5 days a week 4 week days + 1 weekend. I try to sprinkle the squat routine in slightly more than either of the other two days depending on how my schedule looks.

I have been adding weight to most of these lifts over the past 6 weeks, especially dips. Probably because I've ALWAYS neglected dips because I hated them. Now I kind of like them. Assuming some diminishing returns I'll probably hit being able to do a full set of 10 body weight dips in another 8 weeks.

Anything I should add/change? Suggestions etc?
Diet is probably something I should modify slightly from where it is, but I don't need outside advice on that at this time.

I got my composite notebook log I'll probably throw up in the logs forum...

Oh and the goal is:
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Fat Loss


you might want to check out the 'do this routine instead of that dumb one' thread over on the bodybuilding forum.
or you might want to pick a program and follow it as written from someone who has a lot of experience in how to get stronger (e.g., stronglifts 5x5, ripptoe's 'starting strength', wendler's 5/3/1).

or... you can try and reinvent the wheel and hope your training is balanced and effective. i mean, why do something that we know is effective when you can pull stuff out your butt??

curls as the first exercise on day one??

c'mon dude!!!


read my post here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/really_confused_now

hopefully that will answer your question.

where you at in jersey?


I lol'ed...


I put curl day as "Day 1" since I had done it that day and was fresh in my head :\

Lets just renumber Day 2 as Day 1. Again I always do my squat day first if I'm fresh to go on all muscle groups.
I try to keep the bicep/tricep day and push-pull days split evenly.

Say I do:
Sunday- Squats Day
Monday- Bicep/Tricep Day
Tues- Press/Pull Day
Thurs- Squats Day
Friday- Sunday: Camping
Monday- Would likely be defaulted to squats despite being done last.

But instead of trying to defend my current schedule any more than I currently may appear to be doing... let me say thanks and I'll check out the two links presented. But for now I'm going to sleep so I can get up to do some squats in 5 hours.
Goodnight all.

Oh and I'm in South Jersey like 10-15 minutes outside of Philly along the speedline.


m'kay. well if you are making good gains on it i've certainly seen stupider programs :slightly_smiling:
and if it gets you motivated and fired up then that is one of the most important things, too.

personally i think 3 kinds of curl variations might be a bit excessive... but, whatever, if it gets you going then whatever.

with the cleans...

is the idea to do them after rows so your arms are fatigued from rows so hopefully you will stop using your arms to pull the bar?
maybe the rows are potentiating use of your arms rather than fatiguing it?
cleans (and snatches too) are all about hip drive. forceful hip extension (like locking out a deadlift HARD).
technique work is typically done with light weights (working on getting the movement right and fast) first. while the CNS is freshest.


Yeah I've never been too big doing curls, I just trust my friend not to set me up with a terrible program.
He's not someone I've known to be gung-ho on curling. Probably just to offset the tricep-work as well as lay some more foundation.

I'm very likely going to shift over to one of the respected programs on this site once I figure out which one looks good to me.

I believe the hang cleans eventually were meant to come before the rows. But for the two days he's had me practice it (I've only practiced it when he is present at the gym with me) is just where we've spent the time to do it.