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New Here and New to TRT

I just got out of a VA appt and actually have good news.

The Doc told me today that i obviously knew more than she did about TRT. She is going to talk to the new VA Endo about getting me on HCG. She said if the endo didnt approve it that she and I would “have to do it ourselves.”

I go back in 2 months for more labs and she said at that time she would probably up my Test dose to 150mg a week trying to get me closer to the 800-900 mark. I asked her about the 623 being the high end of the range on all of my lab work.

She stated that this was the VA’s range because when they set up the ranges that a lot of the Va patient population was older at the time.

She said she had no intentions of keeping me inside that range.

I want your VA Doc…

That’s awesome news, Ned. Next course of action is to create a powerpoint presentation to explain the importance of estradiol and aromatase inhibitors.

I laid the ground work for that yesterday when i was there. She couldnt find E2 Sensitive test as an option that the VA had but she is going to look into it more for me.

The last test was just estradiol and the results were <20 but also said that any reading under 44 for males could be inaccurate if i understood things correctly. I was taking anastrozole prior to this last labs but have 1.5 weeks off the anastrozole before the labs.

Should my e2 levels returned to actuals within this time limit or not?

Any way that you can have the labs done at different lab?
What lab company is it.

At 28YO, T levels should not be age adjusted down. But lab needs to have accurate age data provided as well.

In 1.5 weeks, there should be significant E2 rebound.


I dont think there is another option as to which lab does the testing. My guess is that they are contracted with a certain company and that’s that.

I think if we can get my levels into the 900 range that i will be feeling a lot better, I already feel somewhat better getting levels from 270’s to low 500’s.

Once again Ksman, You were correct this VA GP has eventually been more help to me than any specialist could have thought of being.

Here’s an update on my labs. been on 100mg Test Cyp a week for about 4 months now. Feeling much better than i was before starting TRT. I usually divide this into 2 doses but since the doc hasnt ok’d 2 50mg doses a week yet the week before my labs i took one 100mg shot.

All results are fasting and are 6 days after my last injection.

Free Test 9.8pg/ml Range: 8.8-27
Total Test 343 300-623
Cholestrol 191 <=200
HDL 33 >40
LDL 143 <100
TSH 1.68 .0465-4.68
PSA 1.14 0-4.0

The VA doesnt offer the e2 Sensitive test i guess so no E2 #'s I Have NOT been using an AI of any kind either.

Thoughts? Especially on my Cholestrol #'s. Ive been eating a lot better and exercising a lot more than prior to TRT. What could be causing these bad Numbers? I have been eating 2-4 eggs a day as a healthy snack.

Thoughts anyone?


Can you enlighten me on cholestrol #'s? From what ive been reading the last couple days, i dont think TRT can be related to my bad cholestrol #'s. If anything it looks like TRT should be helping cholestrol #'s improve.

Am i correct in my thinking/reading?