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New Here and Cannot Find the Info

I am 31 and I suffer from low T and a few other tests which I will discuss soon. A few years ago I started feeling not myself, lazy, tired, not as sexual, mood change, depressed/anxious, just weird in general. I have used prohormones years ago and did a cycle of anabolic steroids many years ago but from all I can tell is from my blood test just about 2.5 years ago which showed my total testosterone levels are consistently 260-284 for the last two years. See below for a more detailed look of my values:

Total test: 248 ng
free test: 93.0 pg
shbg: 14 nmol
lh: 1.7 mIU
fsh: 1.4 mIU
prolactin: 4.6 ng
acth: 13 pg
igf-1: 113 ng
z-score (male): -0.7 SD
cortisol: 10.3 mcg another blood test showed it as 18 mcg
Thyroid tests are all normal.

Note: MRI did show a microadenoma on my pituitary gland which measures about 4mm and did not grow for 2 years.

I have two kids 8 and 5 and not planning to have anymore. With these results, should I start TRT and my endo. is playing the waiting game telling me to keep waiting because my numbers will bounce back. It has been two years and nothing has changed. I need a good endo in northern nj who can treat me. I work for a medical lab so my labs are free and I have good health insurance. Can someone please help direct me to a good endo/specialist in northern nj so I can fix my issues. My body does not feel right. I am a full time student on top of everything else so I need to get fixed.


So these results were from 2.5 years ago or recently?

These are from a week ago and have been like this for about 2 years now.

With those levels i would say your a prime candidate for for TRT.