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New Here - Age 44 Lifting Seriously for 10 Months

I started my journey to get healthy two years and four months ago, but I didn’t start seriously lifting until September 2015. Prior to that I was doing a lot of cardio and I was using weight machines, but last September I moved to the free weight room and everything changed!

I have to say I love lifting. The only goal I’m sure I have is I would like to get to 20% body fat-I am currently 25.8% according to a my last DEXA scan that I got. From Dec 21st to June 21st I only gained 1.9 pounds of lean mass. I am scheduled to go back for my next scan September 20 and I’d like to double my gains without the scale going up. I don’t want to be big, I want to be more lean and defined.

I started out at over 50% body fat I’m sure and I weighed 260 pounds. I currently weigh 153 pounds. The scale doesn’t really move much anymore as I’m losing fat mass and building muscle but I still would like to lose some more body fat and reach the 20% mark.


That just fantastic!! Progress anyone would proud of. Great job.

Very nice to have other women logging. WHOOT!!!


Awesome progress you made, plus your quality of life and health improvement. Their are several people on this forum who know way more than me anout dropping bodyfat. I will say women have to work harder the men to lose weight anf put on muscle. Any way you are off to great start.

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Incredible progress, well done!

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Thank you, I am excited to learn more here.

What a phenomenal transformation!

Do you have any athletic goals or are they purely aesthetic?

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I do sort of have a bucket list. I ran a 5k once already and am thinking of doing another. I really want to do something like a Tough Mudder/Mud Run. Otherwise, mainly my goal is for people to look at me and think, “That chick works out.” hahaha

Amazing transformation–congratulations. Given your proven level of commitment, I have no doubt you will meet and exceed your goal.

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Hey keto if you joints are healthy nothing beats a good powerlifting cycle for natural permanent gains. When you move weight either your getting stronger or technique improved or both. You can still do cardio on top of powerlifting.

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WOW is all I can say. Nice muscles and they go well with your hair.

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looks like someone put in some work.

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Outstanding work. Congratulations on your success!

Welcome to the forum!

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Awesome job! Inspirational to say the least.

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I almost never do cardio on purpose. I don’t know anything about powerlifting and I am not that strong yet. I am still only doing 10 lb dumbbells on side lateral raises!! But I can leg press 360 so…who knows. Thanks.

Side lateral not indicator of overall strength, i know 400 lb benchers who only got up to 25lb, you got some good tone, what is your routine now ? I do know i little about training 31 years, currently got to lose weight health issues plus i put on 35 pounds when i quit smoking. You got nice arm,delt lines snd legs from front look good calves walking around at 260 gave good leg strength especially when you lose weight like dropping off a 100 lbs backpack, plus you look pretty hot i am 43 myself.

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Great - that is good to know. I feel like such a weakling when I’m trying to eek out the last couple reps on the side laterals - it feels like 100 pounds. I’ve definitely made some gains recently-those pictures are a couple months old. Here’s yesterday-I’m not sure how I feel about my arm looking this big, it’s actually measuring 12 inches and I’d like to lose an inch off my arm but it needs to be fat loss.

My routine is 3 days heavy lifting, 2 days power pump/HIIT style class with weights, two days rest. I also walk 3-5 days a week 20-40 minutes - just casually not for cardio.

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You look very proportionate. Arms look great, IMO. They look like benching arms!

(Spoken as one with long scrawny arms despite years of training.)

HA- well I can only bench 65 pounds so probably not from that!

Would you mind posting what your lifting routine… exercises and sets and reps?