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New Here, Advice to Get in Shape?


I am new to weight training and fitness so I joined this forum. I generally hope to learn or assist others. m 29, 5-9. 131lbs. I want good shape. you can give any tip if u wnat

Male or female so we can put things into context at 5-9 131lbs.

I think the m before the 29 stands for male.

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yeah missed that

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just want good shape not bulky not lean, normal shape only.

Not bulky, not lean…if you’re not training and dieting properly you’re already neither of those things, so great job on reaching your goal!

But seriously, pick a good weight training program from T-nation and follow it. Don’t customize it. Also read the “simple diet for athletes” article.


Um… do you know medically your slightly under weight for a man of your age and height?

I don’t understand how some people strive for such mediocre goals. If the goal is just exercise for health, calisthenics a few times a week and cardio a couple times is sufficient. If you’re worried about getting too big or too lean, don’t worry you won’t.