New Here. 83 Pounds to 123

I’m new here but got frustrated yesterday because I was told I’m 38 and should have female curves not manly. I’m proud of my armor. Didn’t take it too seriously cuz I dont believe weakness is a choice. I believe weakness is unacceptable! I was diagnosed with an illness and got so depressed that I went down to 83 lbs and didn’t care. Then I got my shit together and decided to do the best I could do with the cards I was dealt and now am 123 lbs.


I should prolly say a little more I got a full scholarship so I’m an athlete by nature. I’m just a person who kind of keeps to herself because I like to remain focused on taking care of myself. I don’t have too much energy other than that…leave that be I bake and cook 90% of everything I eat. I love the rush of a good workout always pushing til that grunt. But I also know the importance of rest days or active rest days. I do intervals and lift. I have totally become in tune with my body so kinda have a no bs tolerance that’s why that comment irritated me. 4 years ago I couldn’t do 2 push-ups, and now I can do around 121. My transformation has changed my whole world. Just so sick of hearing the word diet

Welcome to the over 35 group.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it. Hard to find people with the same interests as me. I put my diamond necklace and replaced it with a simple sterling silver dumbell. Smashing every goal I have makes life worth living. I want to learn, listen, and get feedback. Hopefully, make some friends along the way

Awesome attitude!

In one set?!


I take maybe one or two omg breaks…less than 10 sec. yeah should’ve clarified. I ca did do 4 clapping push-ups if that’s what they’re still called. Those really were a struggle to do again. heck when I was younger so many moons ago I could do two one armed. My next goal is I can get on my hands if I’m against a wall and tripod up but wanna walk with hands a few sets. Big goal cuz now only able to balance for a few seconds. I’ve never been a gymnast and my lower body is stronger than upper. So I’ll keep on pushing

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Thank you for welcoming me. I’m not a power lifter by instinct. Still do intervals and sprints, but coach had us in the gym so I’m not a beginner but am to your speak. I keep a lot of logs, like cardio, food, sleep, how much lifted etc. the hardest part for me is off days. I feel like I’m gonna jump outta my skin but now take my two dogs for long walks. Makes them happy, and so that makes me happy :slight_smile:

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No worries!

Haha i know how that is, Rest days suck. What breed are your doggos and whats there names?

Thanks. I am not a social lifter and kinda embarrassed that I don’t speak like you guys. But I zone out and get my endorphins rush and yes sometimes grunt, but being a woman it’s hard to differentiate if it’s honesty or trying to get something else. I look much younger than I am and can be a meat market. However, Ive found some nice spotters when I’ve needed them. I have a pretty extensive home gym, too. Yeah both my dogs are strays but are my fur babies, one is 14 the other about 9. Approx cuz strays. They bring so much joy to my life. Funny story I was doing push-ups a few months ago and my 14 lb dog decided to lay on my back as I was catching my breath…I tried to do one with him as mtpy “weight” got almost one collapsed and started laughing so hard so then I got a bunch of kisses.

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Welcome aboard

I love bulldogs! Kills me have such a short life span. Treasure each moment. Saw you had to take time off :(. Animals help fill up that time slot but then they get used to it lol. My dogs have the posh life. I have them on a clean diet, too lol. Plus they’re older and take meds.

Yes I have a major luv for the little beasts.But I do not current own one at the moment :frowning:
Take time off? are you referring to my tweaked trap area I assume? Ehh nothing too major to be honest.

That’s good setbacks are killers. Sorry you don’t have a bulldog. My sis has two. She fell in love with them at West Point cuz her soccer coach had some. Did legs today this morning and had “fun” vacuuming my stairs. And have vaulted ceilings so on ladder. I guess cleaning should be called active rest days. But with two dogs you gotta keep on top of their shedding.

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Quick selfie this am I wish I had a selfie stick. But just wanted to show that I do have gainz

definitely got a good set of gunz!


Thanks. I realize I’d better show that I am for real. Not a pretty pick cuz just got done mopping the downstairs. But I just want to back up my shit.

You have done great! Coming back from the dead is a long, hard journey. Congratulations!

Thank you! Not the best pic and put up and deleted before cuz it was baaad. It’s a battle but I know what I have to do. I really don’t feel like cooking so meeting up for some bbq. Brisket yum! Can’t believe I used to be afraid of meat. The mind can really mess with ya if you let it.