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New, Help Please


Whats up T-Nation. I'm a 16 year old Junior, and pretty new to the whole workout scene. I'm about 5'8 or 5'9, and I weigh around 125 pounds. I want to get much, much bigger. I've been "working out" for a couple months, although my working out has been doing whatever the other Junior boys recommend, so not really. Even so, I've gained about 20 pounds, I was actually 5'8 and 105 pounds at the start of the school year. Skinny as fuck.

I've been reading up here pretty hardcore for the past couple of weeks, but it's been a lot to take in. A lot of this is just way outside what I need to be doing right now, and I'm kind of suffering from information overload. So basically, I need help from you guys making a program that will help me get BIG.

I can commit three days a week to spending time in the weight room, and I can spend up to an hour and a half in there if need be. I need to know what to do while I'm in there though, because quite frankly I have no idea.

I also know that diet's important, and I've read a couple great articles about that on here. I won't lie, my diets shit right now. I eat the way your typical obese American would eat, only I don't eat nearly as much food and my metabolism must be fast as fuck, because like I said earlier I weighed about as much as a starving Ethiopian child before I started working out. I guess what I still have no clue on in terms of dieting is supplements. What should I be taking, how much, and when?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have the drive to do this, now I just need the knowledge to do it right. Thanks- Tipper.


I recommend looking into Starting Strength. The first link has alot of info - just read it, a bigger waste of time would be all the crappy un-informed work outs highschool kids do.

Also, nutritional info from the same author http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Nutrition,_Supplements_and_Cardio

I recommend this because I just finished starting strength myself, going from 160 lbs to 188 lbs at 5'9'' age 19 (10% to 16% bf), with solid strength gains as well.

The info about the milk in the nutrition section is no joke.


Start with West Side For Skinny Bastards or Starting Strength. EAT LOTS OF FOOD. In a few months, once you've learned how your body responds to training, you'll be ready to create your own program.
Other decent alternatives are an upper/lower or push/pull split. Keep volume reasonable and intensity high. EAT A LOT OF FOOD.


Honestly I'd rather see most newbies jump on an upper/lower body split for a while first. Westside for skinny bastards is great I think.


When you plan out your diet, try and keep your meals within your range of cooking abilities. This'll make it easier for you to stay on track. I"m gonna guess your a novice in the kitchen so here's a recipe that is easy to make and will help get you started on a healthy diet:

whole wheat bun
can of tuna
two slices of cheese
microwave for 45 seconds

35g protein, 45g carbs, 10g fat.


Thank you for your wisdom in advising the kid that the secret to bodybuilding is the homemade tuna melt sandwich


x2 Ws4sb ( find version III). Eat everything thats not tied down. As far as supps a 100% Whey drink and fish oil are all you should concern yourself with


for your weight you should work up to about 3000 calories a day spread out between 6 meals. but dont just suddenly do that work up slowly i assume your eating 3 big meals a day? add a meal to your daily total every week till your at 6-7. same with the cals just add them up slowly over a few weeks. lots of protein carbs and fats train sleep and grow.

starting strenght is the best one to start with instead of WSFSB IMO.

also like Cprimero said already all you need supplements wise is whey protein a multivitamin and fish oils.



My roommate and good friend was 95lbs when he was a freshman in HS. Now he's 24 and weighs about 215 (natural) and he's a fucking brick shithouse (625 deadlift, 500 squat). His secret to success when he was in HS was to add PB to everything he ate (steaks, chicken, he didn't give a shit).

There's an easy to add a truckload of calories to your diet...and good calories at that.


i would say go with "starting strength" first before you try anything else, yea ws4sb is good but i feel like you can also gain alot from starting strength before you go onto much more advanced programs, but everyone here has great advice, the way i wud put it is like this with starting strength you have the ability to start and devolop a solid base/ a solid foundation and then after you have a great start then you will be better able to devolop, kind of like this you want to get the best results with a less expensive before you have to move onto the next best product which will also be more expensive than the previous product, you kind get where im going with this? but in the end the choice is yours, so good luck