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New Heavyweight Champion


And this russian is a "heavyweight" at 330 Lbs.


Valuev is a joke. Let's see if he ever fights outside of Germany.


But how much would he weigh if you shaved his back?


I've seen this guy on the news or something. I can't imagine it would be easy to get around his jab.

Are there any videos of any of his fights?


I know, and Ruiz isn't all that either.


what happend to heavy weight boxing lol.


Damn good question...There hasn't been a big name heavyweight since Tyson! I mean, Holyfield's in there for sure...I might even agree with Lewis...But for the big, big, names...There just aren't any out right now.


The best exchange of fists happened after the fight. Stone is hilarious.


I found three old Valuev fights, against Donald, Levin and Etienne. The site is in German, but you can easily spot the fights in the menu under "Boxkampfgala":



Agreed, you can always count on Stoney for entertainment. The best was when he got dropped by Roy Jones Jr's trainer during a press conference.


I'm pretty sure he's been banned from fighting in the U.S.. I think he was banned from one state, and under the uniform rules that banned him from all the others.I can't remember why though, read about it a while ago. Maybe the russian mob or something.

He's big, but plodding and clumsy. He doesn't have a punch proportionate to his size. Shit, John Ruiz was able to hang with him and Ruiz routinely gets beat by blown up middleweights:)


Cool site.

I don't know what to think other than size just doesn't matter that much. Which I already knew. He does know how to box. But he either needs a better jab or just needs to hit harder.


What happened to heavyweight boxing?

Don King.


No, he's not banned, he's just being protected by his promoter. This is the 2nd controversial decision Valuev has been given in Germany.